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Q&A with Lucia BOFFELLI

Q&A with Lucia BOFFELLI, Rossignol Women program influencer.

Who are you? Tell us more about where you live, what you do, what you like…

People call me Luli. I was born in a small town called ESQUEL in Patagonia, Argentina. A place surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes and a lot of wind. I was lucky to have a family that made me discover the beauty in nature, the joy of being outside. Since a pretty young age I got encouraged to travel, I did quite a few trips on my own to study and see other cultures. On one of my first trips I decided to become a ski instructor and this is how I planned my life around skiing, doing seasons back and forth between the southern and northern hemisphere.

Currently I'm living most of the time in Verbier, Switzerland. Here I found this awesome mix of great outdoor community and endless terrain and possibilities to play outside.

Why did you apply to become a Rossignol Women ambassador?


I consider myself an active women with a big love for the outdoor sports. When I discovered the Rossignol Women's project I thought I'd love to participate and be a part of this movement, encouraging women to go outside, play sports, discover themselves in nature and find that special connection that makes you feel so good and empowered.

What’s your favorite product in our ranges?


Tough question! But if I had to choose one product it would be a pair of skis. My favorite are the Black Ops 98W. This ski even though it's pretty wide under foot, makes you ski like a mountain queen in different snow conditions and terrain. I love it for shredding the pow, on tree runs, making early turns on piste and going fast. I even tried them in the park and they were so much fun! They really adapt to any situation that's why I love them so much.

When you’re not skiing in winter, you practice Yoga (part of many other activities!). How did you discover Yoga practice?


I can't remember exactly how I discovered yoga first but I'd say that I really got hooked up about 5 years ago during a trip to India. At that time I was looking for something special, for some answers in life. Now that I look back I realized that I do find a lot of this answers and comfort through the yoga philosophy. I try to practice yoga everyday and as much as I can.

You also seems to travel a lot. What are your favorites destinations and why?


I love the Landes region on the West coast of France. Here I learned how to surf and its a place where I always want to go back.
Even though I come from this area, Patagonia is perfect for a travel destination. It's so vast, empty, natural. Every time I go back (which I do almost every year around November) I can't believe how beautiful it is and how much there is still to discover.
Northwest of India. Great for a true change of scene, I admire their ancient culture. Here there are some of the most amazing mountains I've ever seen, hiking around the Himalayas is a must do.
Switzerland. I love how distance between places are pretty short, there are so many mind blowing views! Perfect for camping, hiking and biking trips, not to mention skiing!

You’re freerider, do you also practice snowboard?


I'm a 100% skier. Never really dedicated time to snowboard even though I like to practice other board sports such as surfing and skateboarding. There's just something about skiing that makes me don't want to change it. It challenges me to overcome fears, it makes me feel more and more connected with the mountains specially when I'm freeriding and skinning. Year after year I feel this sport pushes me forward, I get stronger thanks to it. I feel so happy when I'm freeriding, the memories I create with my friends when we are finding new lines, new terrain, stay with me all year round. Such cool memories!

What are your favorite places to ski/snowboard?


The Swiss Alps. In Valais there's so many great ski resorts!!
Courmayeur. Specially the lift that brings you over the glacier, with some of the best views of the Massif of Mont Blanc.
Engelberg. A freeride paradise.
British Columbia in Canada. Some of the best powder and tree skiing I've ever done.

Do you have a ski/bike anecdote to share with us?


I started downhill biking 2 years ago. Last summer I got invited by my friend Luis to go on a weekend trip to Bikepark Chatel in France. When we arrived we took the first chairlift and realized how perfectly shaped the trails were. We laped the runs over and over, starting with greens, moving to blues and proudly moving to reds. They felt so smooth, making it feel quite easy and fun. We slept in my friend's van, parked right next to the lifts together with other vans from all over Europe,there was such a chill environment, people fixing their bikes and getting ready for the next day. I woke up feeling pretty tired specially my forearms! But I had to do it all over again, we were motivated. Can't wait to go back this summer.

What’s your motto in your life?


RIDE GIRL RIDE. I actually have a tattoo that says that, to encourage myself, to keep discovering, riding life.

Do you want to tell us something more?


I'm very excited about a new chapter in my life. Together with my boyfriend we bought a sailing boat. Where will this take me? I don't know! Definitely more adventures to come!