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We live and breathe our heritage in everything we do, from developing World Cup race skis and designing high-end apparel to collaborating with athletes and designers. We draw inspiration from and forge memories around the mountain life, innovating gear and apparel that sets the highest standard in the industry. Rossignol style and innovation spans urban and mountain boundaries with an aim to make every day another best day.


offering everyone a shared experience on snow

Aimed at all mountain sports enthusiasts, whether amateurs or experts, Rossignol offers products: equipment, apparel, footwear, accessories for Alpine and Nordic Skiing, Snowboarding, and Mountain Bikes.

The brand works closely with the greatest champions to develop products that are both technically superior and intuitive, high-performance and fun, offering everyone a shared experience on snow which is fulfilling, intense and accessible. Products that are designed in the French Alps by people passionate about the mountains and committed to perfection. We offer excellence in design, quality, and aesthetics to confront everyday with style and elegance, from the mountains to the city.

Rossignol origins


Innovative and playful products for all winter sport and outdoor enthusiasts. Premium technology for intense enjoyment.

Rossignol origins


The Apparel collections are proudly inspired by the timeless heritage and know-how of Rossignol, and offer an exclusive and contemporary formula that reinterprets the technical sports DNA in a complete wardrobe, designed perfectly for both the slopes and the streets.


The Covershield Concept is an innovative quilting construction inspired by biomimetics (animal defensive shells) architecture (stone roofs). Thanks to a simple but ingenious mechanical effect, the compartments imbricate and articulate in order to cover the seams with fabric, and water can slide off the surface without reaching the seams, the least waterproof jacket’s parts.

It revolutionizes the ski down jacket and sets new codes for the development of highly watertight down jackets. Applied on men’s and women’s skiwear and urban jackets, the Covershield concept crosses the frontiers of product lines and genders.



Discover how Emile Allais spoke with passion about the first laminated wood skis and his team work with talented wood workers.

Rossignol history knowhow

Rossignol history knowhow

Emile allais
I remember that before the 1937, World Championships in Chamonix I went to Voiron to choose the wood for my skis. Rough strips that I had had run over with a planer going along the grain. It was American hickory. The planer had to first be run over it along the grain, then two similar strips had to be found. Choices had to be made depending on the graining. A difficult but crucial step. The woodworkers knew what they were doing; they knew how to find the same wood, the same flexibility to make good pairs. It was work as delicate as that of a goldsmith.

I then directed things, saying: "You have to plane down a bit there, and make it thinner here, trim the tail like this..." Yes, I was proud that they were asking me for my opinion and that they trusted my (limited) experience to direct what they were doing.

It was with them, these inspired and impassioned "company woodworkers" that bit by bit we were able to fine-tune the manufacturing techniques, improve the process, as they say now.

first patent / laminated wood
Abel Rossignol simply applied his woodworking methods to skis in filing for a patent in 1939 for a laminated ski made with a single type of wood.

« It’s very simple », said Abel, we’re going to take two strips of wood, make them into four, and these two we’ll put on the underside and the other two we’ll put on top » « It was obvious for him, but we hadn’t thought of it»

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Rossignol history knowhow


Made in French Alps

Our facilities in R&D, design and ski production : At Rossignol Group International Head Quarters in Isère, near Grenoble, is located our R&D lab and Racing Atelier where we produce the Racing skis for the Athletes. We own and operate since 1963 a Ski Factory in Sallanches, in Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley, and a ski factory in Spain.

Rossignol history knowhow

Rossignol history knowhow