Sam Favret in the footsteps of Karakoram

Hunza : ski et culture au Pakistan» Sam Favret freeskier’s 4th movie, produced by Invade Media, is a VOD exclusivity and it is now available on VIMEO.


sam favret sur les traces des hunzas

That Chamonix freeskier has chosen Hunza Valley in Pakistan to face the impressive Karakoram summits. A journey offering a wealth of authentic meetings, and a highly touching tribute to the passion for mountain.

Chamonix, February 17th 2019: This one movie isn’t Sam Favret first try! Since his 2014 first movie (Hangout), and after he’s been racing the most prestigious world freeski competitions (Red Bull Linecatcher, Survival Of Fittest...), the Chamoniard goes on exploring new lands with this last movie at the crossroads of documentary and ski experience.

Produced in 2018 the movie drags us right in the heart of legendary Hunza’s Valley famous for its centenarian inhabitants, and above all renowned for its breath-taking mountains.



Escorted with his sidekick Chamonix skiers Julien Herry (mountain guide) and Leo Slemett (2017 Freeride World Tour Winner), Sam dives in a 5500 meter-high in-depth journey, to the summits of Karakoram by Karimbad city. In that harsh setting where never-ending night walks and nearly 12 hour-treks used to rule their rhythm, our three partners would meet such a warm and welcoming local community: a sharp contrast to that hard environment. Narrated by the legendary American skier Glen Plake, Hunza’s story blends epic mountain performance with authentic human connexions in an absolute mind-blowing images flow.


Producers : Sam Favret / Invade Media

Director : Alexis Blaise

Narrator : Glen Plake

Musics : Tristan Bres

Photos : Jérémy Bernard

Journée d'acclimation à plus de 5000 m d'altitude


Approche du Barbara Peak, 5520m d'altitude


Coucher de soleil sur la vallée des Hunzas


Vue depuis le Camp de Base de Hopar sur l'Ultar Sar peak 7388m d'altitude