Robin Duvillard: Early Career

It is hard to move into a new career after being an athlete for so long… In the end, you open a new chapter, but it remains the same book, no? 


robin duvillard
robin duvillard


After spending half of my life as cross-country skier for the French team, I changed my life direction at 36 years old: from being an athlete myself to helping others achieve their best athletic performance. Carrying with me the wish to share and succeed.

From my very first international races in 1999, to the 50km championships in Seefeld in 2019, when I decided to retire from being a professional athlete.  20 years has flown by. 20 years that I spent skiing, running, traveling, sleeping, working, sweating, winning, learning, losing, understanding, failing, accomplishing, giving up, bouncing back, falling, jumping, yelling, crying… and well, living!


robin duvillard


My career has been a success, including one Olympic medal in Sochi in 2014, one World medal in Falun in 2015, one World Cup podium, loads of top 10’s, two Transjurassienne victories (2017, 2019), the Foulée Blanche (2018), 11 French Champion titles, but also some failures too, which helped me build myself up.

Throughout my career I have been with Rossignol skis. My favorite brand, with which the adventure continues, and the “retirement” chapter starts. My new chapter begins at “Zecamp” a Nordic training center, that we imagined with the former athlete Marie Dorin Habert and his husband Lois.  Offering accommodations, restaurant, and Nordic training to the public.

Today, the web series ‘’Early Career” shows my professional transition. This is where I share my experience to the greatest number of people, I coach amateurs and professional athletes on a quest to discover a new sport, or perfect their skills.

I am happy and confident having Rossignol at my side. Together we aim to push Nordic skiing, as a sport, and as an education tool for life. At the core are the values we all share: pursuit of performance, compassion for sharing, and respect for the environment.