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General Terms of Use


Photos and /or videos published on social networks with the hashtag #rossignol, #rossignolfreeride, #rossignolracing, #rossignolnordic, #rossignolwomen, #rossignolsnowboard, #rossignolapparel, #rossignolbikes, #anotherbestday, #rossignolblackops #werise #bandofheroes, or which include a notification to ROSSIGNOL by means of an “@rossignol”, "@rossignolfreeride", "@rossignolracing", "@rossignolnordic", "@rossignolwomen", "@rossignolsnowboard", "@rossignolapparel", "@rossignolbies", are eligible for a potential publication on our website and /or on our social networks.


We may select some of these photos and / or videos, which showcase our trademarks (the “CONTENT”). When we select a CONTENT, a message will be published by the official account of ROSSIGNOL on the publication of the CONTENT, in order to obtain the consent of its author to use the CONTENT in compliance with the conditions set forth by these GTU #yesrossignol.


By actively replying to our request with the hashtag #yesrossignol, you accept these GTU #yesrossignol without reservation, which contractually binds the company Rossignol, a French corporation, having its registered office at 98 rue Louis Barran –  38430 SAINT JEAN DE MOIRANS, FRANCE registered with the Commercial and companies register of Grenoble under the number 056 502 958  (hereinafter “ROSSIGNOL” or “we”, or “us”, or “our”), and any person publishing  CONTENT who replied #yesrossignol to a solicitation from ROSSIGNOL on social networks (hereinafter “you” or “your”).



1/ Conditions of publication 

ROSSIGNOL is free to select or not to select any photos / videos bearing a notification addressed to ROSSIGNOL under the conditions defined above. The CONTENT we selected are among those that best correspond to the image and spirit of our brand. However, you expressly acknowledge that ROSSIGNOL has no obligation to publish  any CONTENT selected, and ROSSIGNOL cannot be held liable for non-publication of the CONTENT, even if you answered #yesrossignol. 


In addition, before replying #yesrossignol, you declare: 

          1.       you own the intellectual property relating to the CONTENT OR you have a valid and express authorization from their author (s) to grant all the rights provided herein. In such a case, you shall indicate the identity of the owners of the CONTENT;




          2.       you are the person represented on the CONTENT OR if a minor is represented, you guarantee to be the minor legal representative of the said minor represented on the CONTENT.


Failing to warranty the foregoing, you agree NOT TO ANSWER #yesrossignol or to immediately inform us to allow us to remove the CONTENT from our Digital Media (as defined below).

2 / Image rights

In order to promote our brands and trademarks and the products bearing the said trademarks, visible on the CONTENT, we need your authorization to use your image, or the image of the child for whom you are the legal representative. Our intended use is to display the CONTENT on which you (and/or your child) appears on our website www.rossignol.com (and application mobile thereof), and/or our social networks and/or potentially our Newsletters (hereinafter together the “Digital Media”) for a period of three years from your authorization, materialized by your response #yesrossignol , worldwide.


ROSSIGNOL agrees not to make other uses of your image. At the end of this period, ROSSIGNOL undertakes to remove the CONTENT from all of the Digital Media and to no longer use said CONTENT, except in the event of express renewal of your agreement.


You can withdraw your consent at any time by requesting the deletion of a photograph / video in which you appear and/or your child appears by:

          -       by contacting the ROSSIGNOL communication service at: communication@trossignol.com

          -       By deleting your CONTENT from your profile on the social network from which we contacted you;

          -       By changing the privacy setting of your social network from "public" to "private”.

3 / License of Use

You grant ROSSIGNOL free of charge a non-exclusive license, with a right of sub-license, on the CONTENT, and in particular the rights to reproduce, adapt (crop and / or resize and / or add a caption, collectively the "Adaptations"), display, represent, distribute, publish the CONTENT on all Digital Media, worldwide and for a period of three years from your acceptance of this license, materialized by your reply #yesrossignol. ROSSIGNOL is expressly authorized to sub-license the rights here granted to any third party of its choice, under the same conditions as you have granted to ROSSIGNOL hereunder.


This license does not entail any transfer of ownership of the CONTENT for the benefit of ROSSIGNOL and / or the sub-licensees.

4 / ROSSIGNOL’s commitments and limits of liability.

ROSSIGNOL refrains from, and undertakes to prohibit any sub-licensee, from making any use of the CONTENT other than that expressly set forth herein. ROSSIGNOL refrains and prohibits any sub-license from modifying the CONTENT except for the Adaptations listed above. In particular, ROSSIGNOL undertakes to display your social networks account and, as the case may be, the identity of the owner of the intellectual property rights on the CONTENT, subject to the provisions of the Condition of publication as provided above. 


We remind you that the CONTENT can be used by the social networks on which the CONTENT has been published, independently of our own use framed herein. We invite you to consult the General Conditions of Use of these social networks to know the consequences of their use. ROSSIGNOL is in no way responsible for the acts and breaches of these social networks, as ROSSIGNOL does not control the use of data and the protection put in place by social networks, and declines all responsibility in this regard.


ROSSIGNOL remains free not to use and / or not to display the CONTENT on all or part of the Digital Media. ROSSIGNOL remains free to withdraw at any time before the expiry of this license, all or part of the CONTENT from its Digital Media, and this without notice.

5/ Personal data

Your personal data (your name, first name and / or nickname (if they are displayed on your network’s account), address of  your social network’s account, your image appearing in the CONTENT), hereinafter the “Personal data” are collected by ROSIGNOL, the data controller, for the purpose of using the CONTENT on its Digital Media for its promotional and marketing needs (the “Purpose”).


All your Personal Data will be kept for a duration of three years from the day you give us your consent by replying #yesrossignol. The Personal Data will be accessible only to employees of our marketing department who have a strict need to access it as part of their mission. ROSSIGNOL undertakes to implement the organizational and technical means to avoid any unauthorized access to your Personal Data, said means are recalled on our site: https://www.rossignol.com/fr/privacy-policy. The processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you can access your Personal Data at any time, have them rectified, request that the processing be limited or deleted, and you can provide us with the directives applicable after your death by contacting the following address: communication@trossignol.com and / or dpo@rossignol.com .


You have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (in France: www.cnil.fr).

6/ Miscellaneous  

These GTU #yesrossignol is not intended to replace any other terms or agreements you might have with us.

We reserve the right to modify these GTU #yesrossignol at any time and any changes that we make will be posted on this page. Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to our GTU #yesrossignol. 

In case of a dispute, French law is applicable.