Ski touring break with Perrine Laffont

Perrine Laffont invites us to her stomping grounds in the Pyrenees. We catch up with her as she enjoys a well-earned rest with her family in the great outdoors.

"When I got back from Sweden, I went to spend a few days with my family in the Ariège region of France. The break was an opportunity to rest, see my family again and enjoy the mountains. I always love going back home, to Mont d’Olmes. It’s my haven.

It had been snowing for a few days so everything was white and looked even more beautiful! One afternoon, we decided to head out for a little ski touring excursion and I must say it did me a world of good. In winter, we never really have time for skiing outside of training, so going back home to the Pyrenees, to Ariège, and getting out for a bit was just fabulous! We really enjoyed being in a peaceful setting surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Perrine is wearing the Exces Print anorak

Our day out was rounded off by a superb sunset! It was truly magical. Taking some time away from training and competition, really helps to clear your head.” 


Photos : Ben Cavet


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