In the land of Santa Claus with Perrine Laffont

Perrine takes us to Ruka, in Finland, for the first World Cup event. It is one of her favorite places.  She is delighted to be back on the competition circuit!

“Welcome to the land of Father Christmas! It always feels amazing to be back in these magnificent snowy landscapes. Especially as the atmosphere wasn’t exactly wintry when we left France. Everything is white here, all covered in snow, it's cold... I love Ruka!

You can feel a bit of a Christmas atmosphere in the air so there’s a sense of excitement. There are lots of little log cabins that are just as pretty as the ones we dream about! But don't worry, I’m still the number one fan of the Pyrenees!

We were able to take advantage of a rest day to go out for a stroll and explore the area. I have to admit that it's all starting to feel pretty familiar in my 8th World Cup season, but it felt good to take a break and enjoy some fresh air before the competition. Especially before the first one; it helps you to concentrate and gather your energy for what lies ahead.


It was the first race of the season and I had mixed emotions: apprehension and excitement. We had been training for seven and a half months, so I was eager find out how it would go and whether the training would pay off.

The atmosphere felt pretty strange because of COVID. There weren't many people around, and we were all avoiding each other. We had to keep our distance to help make sure the season got off to as normal a start as possible, but it was a really strange atmosphere. We had to adapt!

The race was pretty challenging. As the first event of the season, there was quite a bit of stress. There hadn’t been any competitions for 8 months after the cancellation of the last one. Putting on the World Cup bib always feels emotional, whether good or bad. It's pretty intense. You know the result now. The race went well, I managed my runs each time resulting in my first victory!

As a little aside, we had two and a half hours between the qualifiers and the final and I actually dozed off for two hours. Stress always consumes a lot of energy. I needed to recover between the two rounds!”

Perrine is wearing the Puffy Long Oversize jacket


Photos : Ben Cavet 

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