A blast of fresh air on the summit for Perrine

On a recent trip to France, Perrine Laffont took time off to enjoy the mountains around Annecy. We followed her to the summit of the Semnoz to enjoy the view.

“Rest days are rare, so whenever we get the chance we grab the opportunity to get away for a bit. This time, we were near Annecy. It was a misty day and the sun was nowhere to be seen. So we jumped in the car and headed up out of the valley to the Semnoz to see if we could get above the clouds. Our aim: to spend the whole day in the fresh air!

Perrine is wearing Atelier S jacket, made in France.

We wanted to go sledding, take some time out and have fun. It felt good to do something other than skiing and we were lucky have some sun. The summits were peeping out above the clouds and it was beautiful. We could see Mont Blanc in the distance and the Tournette. It was an amazing panorama.

I really like admiring winter landscapes and getting my fill of the view. The mountains were very snowy that day. It was awesome!

We went walking, did a bit of sledding, had a few laughs and above all got loads of fresh air. And to top it all, at the end of the day we enjoyed an amazing sunset. It simply blew us away! It felt really good to take some time out and recharge our batteries. Roll on the next opportunity!” 

Perrine is wearing Atelier S jacket, made in France.


Photos : Ben Cavet

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