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Founded in the French Alps, Rossignol has been inspiring the mountain experience since 1907. An overview of Rossignol history and development through 10 key dates.

Rossignol origins history of the brand old pictures


What were Abel Rossignol's thoughts as he looked up at the snowy peaks of le Sappey-en Chartreuse, from his Voiron workshop in the french departement of Isère? Probably the same thing as Roger Abondance a hundred years later, retired, a former racing star who admits to dreaming at night that he still manufactures skis. When Abel polished his first strips of wood in 1907, he didn't know that a hundred years later his name would be that of the world’s leading brand of skis.

Abel Rossignol picture 1907

Emile Allais historic pictures in 1936

Emile allais,
a medalwinner in combine and in slalom at the 1936 Olympic Games, the future 1937 world champion on "Rossignol" skis, worked with Abel Rossignol from 1936. They signed a sponsoring agreement, probably the first of its kind!

Laurent boix-vives
bought the company to transform and develop it, simply making it the greatest success in what was not yet the ski industry.

Boix-Vives was 29 years old and immediately decided to concentrate production on the ski, dropping the wood-turning business. He made sure he had the support of Emile Allais.

In 1956, 8,000 pairs were manufactured yearly; five years later, this figure would be 50,000; in 1986, 8,000 pairs a day left the Group's international factories. He would turn the craftsman's business into an industrial leader in its sector.

Laurent Boix-Vive in 1956
Rossignol campaign in 1970

Rossignol becomes #1 worlwide ski manufacturer

1st Rossignol Snowboard
Jonas Emery, JF Pelchat, Dave Seoane, Travis Rice, Xavier de Le Rue, Todd Richards, Jeremy Jones, some of the best freeriders had been part of Rossignol Snowboards Team.

Rossignol campaign in 1987
Rossignol skiboots in 1989

1st rossignol skiboots,
Some of the Rossignol skiboots models in the 90s : R900, Course K, Mid, Soft.

Rossignol enters in the Apparel segment
The Apparel Program started with a Junior Program to equip the Clubs in relation to the Yellow Power 7S ski success story.

Rossignol enters in the apparel segment in 1996
Rossignol start freeski area in 1998

Start of the era of Freeski
Candide Thovex, Tanner Hall, Kevin Rolland, Manu Gaidet, they all were part of Rossignol Team in the Freeride and Freestyle scene. Bandit and Scratch were to become the iconic Skis of this period regeneraring the ski industry.
Production of the 50th million
pair of skis since 1956

our heroes at olympic games
33 Medals at Sotchi Olympics in 2014
39 medals in 2018 at Pyeong Chang Olympics with Hero skis.

Band of Heroes archive image