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WE RISE: Meet Rossignol Athlete Tatum Monod



Tatum Monod is one of the most accomplished and recognizable freeride skiers in the world today. But beyond the backflips and award-winning movie segments, there’s another side only seen by those closest to her. Here, Tatum invites us to take a peek inside her home and discusses her inspirations, coming back from injury, and her affinity for pie.




If you follow @tatummonod on Instagram, you already know she’s as accomplished and talented a fly-fisherwoman as she is a freeskier. Casting flies on the on the river and slaying big mountain lines are a couple of passions that motivate Tatum.


« I don't consider myself a morning person at all! I have a really hard time getting out of bed and I'm really grumpy in the morning. In the winter, when I'm filming, I just find it the opposite! It's so easy for me to get out of bed when I have an objective, or a certain line, or a certain shot that I'm looking to get!  »




Despite suffering a catastrophic, season-ending injury in 2017, Tatum proves she’s one of the hardest working skiers in the game, charging back in her new season edit with MSP.





The new Blackops 98 W features a death’s head hawk moth graphic inspired by Ms. Tatum Monod herself!