Rossignol Accessibility Statement

Commitment to Accessibility

The company SKIS ROSSIGNOL SAS and its subsidiaries (the "ROSSIGNOL GROUP", or "we") undertake that all their websites dedicated to brands and products « ROSSIGNOL », « DYNASTAR », « LANGE » et « LOOK » and our services under the trademark « ON PISTE » (;;; ;, collectively the “Sites”) are accessible to the greatest number. Respect is at the heart of ROSSIGNOL GROUP’s mission, which is why we are committed to maintaining and increasing the accessibility of our Sites so that people with disabilities can fully and fairly enjoy our services. Therefore, we are committed to providing accessible Sites that allow everyone, regardless of their capabilities, to access all of our goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations on our Sites. 

Standards and Procedures

To ensure access for all, GROUP ROSSIGNOL is continuously working to ensure that its Sites meet the technical requirements of the appropriate level of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”), produced by the World Wide Web Consortium.  These guidelines establish standards of accessibility for information in a web page or web application.


Here are just some of the ways GROUP ROSSIGNOL has included accessibility practices within our digital fabric and culture:

•  Continual accessibility testing and monitoring of our digital offerings

•  Dedicating resources to accessibility remediation and improvements:

   ⋅  Creating an accessibility team and program to ensure sustainability and priority

   ⋅  Engaging with industry-leading accessibility consultants for testing, remediation, validation, and consulting


Feedback and Questions

ROSSIGNOL GROUP teams regularly review the Sites to ensure that we adhere to the best practices in web accessibility. However, we always welcome feedback regarding how the accessibility of our digital offerings can be improved.

By filling out the form accessible by clicking on the link: Contact Us


By contacting us directly by e-mail at the following address: