Finnish 29/05/88 Snowboard
Profile Identity
Nationality Finnish
Date of birth 29/05/88
Location Mustavuori, Finland
Discipline Snowboard
Prize list

Vitals & set ups

Facebook/Twitter/Blog/Website: Hans Kestilä (Facebook)
Riding since:
With Rossignol since:

Other sponsors:  Quiksilver, Level, Smith, Sappee SnowPark
Boards: Decoy155 & Retox153
Bindings: Cuda
Stance: 60cm wide, Angles: Front +12, Back -9
Regular / Goofy: Regular
Favorite resort: Sappee, Mustavuori
Dream resort: Lots of pow and pillow lines
Safe trick: Backside5
Current best trick: Front9
Next best trick: SW Backside Rodeo7

Favorite music: The Doors, Jay Reatard, Dan Sartain, Turbonegro etc.
Favorite magazine: Slammer
Favorite snowboard website: Method.tv
Favorite non snowboard website: xepisodes.com (former South Park Zone)

Season's highlights:

Best memorable session:
As I was younger we used to ride the big jump of Mustavuori every single day. We always had a good set of friends and we always pushed each others and tried new stuffs.

Best trip up until now:
All the Lapland trips we made with FMP were awesome! It was always a good mix of riding, filming, hanging and partying.

Backround in snowboarding:
It all started about ten years ago with a group of friends. Skateboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. We use to ride every single day, right after school. As we rode together we also started to see some progress in each other. I started to compete in small contests in Finland about five of years ago and got to ride in different places and met people.
A local film crew FMP (www.fmpsnow.com) filmed me for their production in 2004-2007. I learned that filming is a lot of work but at the same time it’s an opportunity to have a lot of fun and improve oneself riding. I also filmed for EloPictures’ production “D.I.Y” for the 08-09 season. I mostly ride in my home town Tampere but also travel to Europe and up to Lapland quite often.


Contests  :
Battery Levi Catapult Uphill jam 2nd spring 2010
Battery Levi Catapult Uphill jam 1st Spring 2009
JTS railtour Tampere 1st Fall 2009
Wappulounas D.O.N.K.E.Y. – challenge 1st Spring 2009
Wappulounas D.O.N.K.E.Y. – challenge 1st Spring 2008

FMP: “Daily Extras”
FMP: “Night Shift” http://vimeo.com/15067587 www.fmpsnow.com
EloPictures: “D.I.Y” http://vimeo.com/7708901

Goals in snowboarding:
My main goals for the upcoming seasons are to ride as much as possible in different terrain, to improve my riding and to have fun while doing it. I will be shooting photos during fall ‐10 for my upcoming Slammer Magazine interview and of course I will be working with photographers during the whole season. I will also take part in some contests in Finland and on the TTR – tour. In the future I see myself filming for big productions and competing in the biggest TTR – events.