To maintain the technical properties and durability of your ski clothing, it is not advisable to wash these garments too frequently. With regular washing, hot water, detergents and drying methods can alter the waterproofing and insulation of your jacket or pants.

We therefore recommend that you wash your ski clothing at the end of the season, and once or twice during winter if:

- There is significant staining on your garment (staining from food, drinks, ash from fireplaces, etc.)
- Your garment is emitting unpleasant odours as it has not dried correctly 
- Your garment no longer repels water and tends to absorb moisture or snow: special care products can be used to can refresh its waterproofing properties.


Most Rossignol ski jackets and pants can be machine washed at 30°, using a liquis detergent*.
Choose a synthetic program and tumble-dry at maximum of 800 rotations/minute.
Never use fabric conditioner or powder detergent.
Wash all your ski clothing together and/or with other technical products that require similar care.

Before washing:
- Check the washing instructions on the care label first.

- If your garments are damp or wet due to external elements and/or perspiration, leave them to air dry before putting them in the washing machine.

- If clothing is very stained, pre-wash the soiled aread bu hand using a gentle soap and a damp cloth.

Check the following points
- Remember the empty your pockets.

- Close all closure systems (zimps, hook-and-loop fasteners, snap buttons, etc.)

- Turn your garments inside out to wash them.

Puffer jackets and jackets with feather and down fillings.


Follow the recommendations above and place 2 tennis balls in the machine drum. This will help to maintain the loft of te insulation. 

*Please note, special washing is required for certain garments from collaborations with Jean-Charles de Castelbaja and Tommy Hilfiger; cleaning should preferably be entreusted to a professional.


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A gentle detergent, preferably environmentally friendly, is recommended to care of technical ski clothing.

Best practice:

- Never use bleach or corrosive detergents
- Do not use a powder detergent
- Never use a fabric conditioner/softener that impairs the breathable qualities of the fabric

Special products are available to refresh the waterproofing properties of fabrics (in supermarkets, sports shops).

Washing your clothing less frequently helps garments to last longer and makes them more durable. 
Washing at 30° is sufficient for garments that are only slightly soiled and helps to make significant energy savings. 


When the washing machine program finished, take your clothes out straight away to dry them. Leaving items the washing machine for too long can result in the formation of unpleasant odours and stubborn creases in your garment.
Natural air drying indoors is recommended for all technical clothing. 

Practical advice for successful drying:

- Where possible, air dry flat, without direct exposure to the sun.

- Keep garments away from any source of intense heat (radiator, fireplace).

- For puffer jackets and other jackets filled with feathers and down, dry flat, turning the garment over several times on each side.

- Do not wring out garments by hand as this damages the resistance of the fabrics.

Tumble-dying is not recommended for ski clothing.
However, the tumble dryer can be used at a low temperature for puffer jackets, adding two tennis balls to the drum (as for washing, this maintains the loft and puffy appearance of the garment).

Naturall drying saves energy and helps to maintain the garment's original shape for longer.

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Most Rossignol lifestyle clothing can be machine washed at 30°, using a gentle detergent.

Always check the care instructions on the label inside your garment before washing.


Whether they are made from a synthetic material or leather, we recommend that you do not wash gloves and mittens to preserve their waterproofing.

To help them last longer and avoid unpleasant odours, it is important to leave them to air dry at the end of your ski day.

If there are any marks on the outside, use a sponge or damp cloth and a little soap to clean the stains.


A cold wash programme or delicates cycle is recommended for all clothing containing wool.

Do not use the tumble dryer and air dry where possible.

As with ski clothing, we recommend that you wash your garments only when necessary, to reduce consumption of water and electricity.


To help your Rossignol footwear last longer and maintain its insulating and waterproofing properties, please read the following care information.

Most importantly, machine washing is nit recommended for any type of footwear.

All Rossignol leather footwear has a waterproof membrane. There is therefore no need to apply a waterproofing treatment.

As leather is an organic material, it is important to protect it from external elements. We recommend monthly care during winter.

Caring for footwear made from smooth leather

Clean any stains, soiling and dust first using a soft, camp cloth.
Use a wax designed for natural leathers.
Apply the wax using a small soft bruch or a cloth, making small circular movements to gently spread it over the entire surface of the shoe or boot.

Remove the excess wax using a larger bruch and leave to dry. 

Caring for nubuck/suede footwear

Clean any stains, soiling and dust first using a special sponge for nubuck and suede (honeycomb sponge).

In the case of stubborn stains, use a stain-removing eraser designed for care of nubuck materials and brush gently.

To refresh the colour, special sprays can be used. Remember to brush the leather after use and leave to air dry. 

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