The Signature rangeThe Signature range
Athlete and Strato Course Signature skiAthlete and Strato Course Signature ski

Over a century of history, culture, and design, merged into a singular vision. Rossignol’s SIGNATURE range is a tribute to our rich heritage and the generations of skiers who together, have written the history of our sport.

Rossignol factory and Strato Signature skiRossignol factory and Strato Signature ski



The Palmarès, Strato, Victoire and Roc 550. Legendary models that gave rise to the modern ski spirit, the mountain lifestyle. Like the skiers who’ve come before us, our histories take shape through each turn we make. A seamless, beautiful track flowing across a blank canvas. A unique and timeless signature for you to leave behind.


Rossignol factory and Strato Signature skiRossignol factory and Strato Signature ski
Strato Edition Signature skiStrato Edition Signature ski

A legend adapted
for modern skiers


The world's first fiberglass ski, the STRATO was created to "free the skier" thanks to its large turn radius and precise on-snow behavior. This same spirit returns with a rich and modern design that allows you to follow in the tracks of our champions past.

Strato Course Signature skiStrato Course Signature ski

Elegance in detail


With over one million skis sold, the STRATO is synonymous with precision, strength, and striking aesthetic. Its confidence boosting edge grip, control, and wood core construction were revoluntionary at the time of its launch. Today, they are the quality standard.

Palmares Signature skiPalmares Signature ski

Power and Grace


Infused with 110 plus years of Rossignol know-how, the PALMARES perfectly blends the power and edge grip to inspire skiers of the 21st century. Draw on the past and create beautiful arcs wherever your inspiration takes you.

Victoire Signature skiVictoire Signature ski

Finesse of


The search for the perfect turn is never over. With a nod to our past, the VICTOIRE inspires skiers to continually improve, seek new sensations, and reach the next level of perfomance.

Roc 550 Signature skiRoc 550 Signature ski

Very softly


Known for its supple versatility, the ROC 550 was an evolution in the sport due to its innovative foam core construction. It returns forty years later to provide an adaptable and forgiving ride with the torsional rigidity to excel in changing snow conditions.