Rossignol HelmetRossignol Helmet


The life of your ski helmet is one of abuse. Rossignol's helmet range offers confidence-inspiring performance and all-day comfort.


Rossignol has researched and implemented several technologies to help manage impact forces in the event of a fall. No matter your preferred skiing discipline or experience level, head protection should not be overlooked.


Rossignol has developed the IMPACTS helmet range with the real-world skier in mind, taking into account the day-to-day usage of a ski helmet.


Even low-intensity shocks that leave no visible trace can alter the protection helmets provide and can negatively affect resistance to future impacts. After considering the actual day-to-day usage of a ski helmet, including storage, transport, and use, Rossignol has developed IMPACTS, a technology that offers premium protection against multiple impacts without compromising on weight, style, or comfort.


Rossignol introduces IMPACTS Technology to provide a more reliable and durable ski helmet range. IMPACTS Technology offers impact management against multiple hits without compromising weight, style, or comfort.

Protection is not an option, choose IMPACTS!

Impacts technologyImpacts technology


MIPS technologyMIPS technology


In any action sport, brain injuries and trauma are unfortunately frequent. Many helmets are designed to handle a direct hit, but crashes often involve angular impacts. Accident statistics show that the angular impact causes rotational energy, and those forces can transfer to your brain.

MIPS technologyMIPS technology

Rossignol helmets equipped with MIPS feature a low-friction layer between the outer shell and the head that can help reduce rotational energy. This layer inside the helmet allows multi-directional movement intended to help reduce rotational force to the head.


SYSTEM FIT technologySYSTEM FIT technology

BOA® is the world leader in precision closure systems. Made up of a dial, "lacing" and guides, the system is more precise, lighter, and offers greater adjustability than conventional systems. Once you have the perfect fit, the dial stays in position. BOA® components are tested on the ground and in the laboratory under extreme conditions and come with a lifetime warranty!

SYSTEM FIT technologySYSTEM FIT technology

The R-fit system lets you adjust your helmet for better support and comfort. R-fit features two arms and an adjustable dial; the system's simplicity means that you can adjust your helmet to the perfect fit.


Whether you enjoy hiking, freestyle, downhill skiing, freeriding, or snowboarding, the helmet will stay secure and comfortable during your favorite winter activities.

SYSTEM FIT technologySYSTEM FIT technology

EASY-FIT is an automatic size adjustment system. Based on a flexible elastic component inside the back of the helmet, it offers three different depth adjustments. Once you've found the right setting, you won't have to change it - the elastic will automatically adjust every time you put on your helmet, keeping it in the proper position. EASY-FIT is ideal for children and skiers who aren't used to wearing a helmet.


World Cup proven and FIS approved. The HERO CARBON FIBER FIS helmet is designed for speed-obsessed elite athletes. The design features an external carbon fiber build for controlled weight and inertia. A low-profile, full-shell design maintains a close-to-the-head fit and aerodynamic performance for dedicated racing.

It features fixed ear pads and a metal chin buckle for added security.


This design is simple and can be perfectly integrated with HERO GOGGLES for increased aerodynamics and style to complete your racing equipment.




enables airflow control for increased comfort and temperature control.



enables hot air and moisture to escape for increased comfort thanks to the ventilation channels.

To choose your ski equipment, whether for your skis, boots, or helmet, trust Rossignol to accompany you for Another Best Day.

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