Xavier De Le Rue: The Sushi Board

We worked with Xavier De Le Rue this season to offer to all the powder lovers the best snowboard. This team-work gave birth to a brand new board: the Sushi. 


xavier de le rue

Where does the XV Sushi come from?

Xavier De Le Rue: I’ve been riding for almost 30 years now and the last 10 at Rossi snbs.

I love surfing and slashing windlips and the sushi is a bit of an hybrid between a fish, the famous one sixty type boards from the 80’s that really inspired me and the XV line that is basically ultimately made to ride powwow!

I was there when Japan based company MOSS launched their TT model after Taro Tamai designs in 1990.

I remember fantasizing about going to Japan and slay their unique powder 


xavier de le rue

and that gave the inspiration to the Sushi.

The XV Sushi is a tribute to those years and to the concept of snowsurfing, that reconnects snowboarding with its ocean roots.

It wasn’t an easy call because fish boards and no boards have already been brought back to the market 10+ years ago but my vision was so different from what’s available that we, with Rossi snb R&D dept, decided to give it a shot and ended up bringing it into our 17/18 line.

It comes in two versions, one solid and one split, and is available in one size only, 145, to make it easier for dealers as much as end consumers, 


xavier de le rue

and features some of the most anticipated innovation in the market to enable everyone(!) from intermediate to expert riders to equally enjoy it, no matter the boot size.

Depending on the version, the XV Sushi combines L.I.T.E. Frame or L.I.T.E. Grip with RadCut, bringing grip on demand or necessity, not permanently, and perfectly adjusting the sidecut radius to the ride at all times.

Both versions also feature the unique Reversed directional flex and AmpTek Elite rocker to maximize control and float at front.


xavier de le rue

Why did you name it XV Sushi?

XDLR: I love eating sushi. Sushi masters spend 10 years learning how to make sushi before they are entitled to address the public and I’ve been with Rossi snbs for 10 years. Sushi means art in Japan and both the XV Sushi and XV Sushi Split are really taking fish boards to an art, both technically, graphically and from a riding perspective. Hence the name.

Anything you want to add?

XDLR: The XV Sushi series’ bottom line is break away from the lift lines, be humble, be simple, focus on your line, flow with the element.

In other words, go slash hit wall rides, shred trees, 360 butter, slay powder and eurocarve groomed snow.