We Rise – Rossignol Women

TIPS : How to pack your bag ?

Our freeride athlete, member of the Rossignol freeski team and We Rise ambassador is sharing her tips to get her backpack well prepared for a freeriding day.

Anticipation is rule n°1!


« My backpack is always ready the day before my session»


I need time to get my bag organized and make sure I don’t forget anything. On the morning, I just have to grab my backpack and step in!




An avalanche safety equipment is mandatory when you plan an off-piste skiing day. The essentials you need to carry: avalanche beacon, avalanche shovel, avalanche probes.

Juliette recommends a particular organization of elements in the backpack : shovel and probes inside the backpack, not on the back side but in front to make sure everything is easy to access in case of emergency. Carry your beacon in either the chest harness or in an internal pants pockets.




At higher elevations temperatures can be very low and summits are more exposed to the wind. An extra warm layer in the backpack can save your skiing day. A compact light down or a fleece jacket are highly recommended. Don’t forget to save a little space in the backpack if you go skiing with your down on yourself.





Being hydrated during your day is essential as well as having enough energy to enjoy your ride. The cold can remove the sensation of hunger but better prevent with little snacks and some water in the bag than suffering from lack of energy.

Juliette is always taking some energetic bars or a little bag of almonds and nuts.





The selection of accessories is personal and depends on everybody’s kind of journey, but are accessories are good to carry if you want to be prepared for any circumstance. In Juliette’s bag you will find : solar glasses, very useful for the break when the sun pops out, solar cream because the sun on the mountains is powerful, a tool or screwdriver in case of technical problem and even a pair of binoculars to watch animals or check the conditions at the summit from far away.


More things she can eventually put in her backpack?

For more serious mountaineering in the Chamonix Valley she never forgets a rope. In addition she always have skis strap to attach skis together when hiking.


With a little sense of humor, the freerider is assuming she has ever taken her little bear with her.


When asking Juliette if she prepares her backpack in a different way for a ski touring day, she answers:

« I take skins, ski crampons, crampons, more water and more snacks. »



Now that you have essentials list for a perfect freeriding or freetouring session, you are ready to go get your equipment and live your best day on snow!