Parker White and Chris Logan Q&A

Parker White

28 years old, born and raised in southern VT, currently residing in Washington State. 

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Chris Logan

30 years old, originally from Long Island, New York, currently residing in Whitefish, Montana.

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How long have you guys been with Rossignol?

P: I got my first pair of Rossignol’s from Rossi rep Doug Daniels when I was 13 going on 14 I believe. We were part of a program at the time they called the Rossi Posse. It was me, Dahrkness (Chris Logan), and Nick Miles skiing on Rossignol’s at Mount Snow. That was 15 years ago now and I’ve been on Rossi ever since.  

C: Yeah, Parker and I got signed at the same time 15 years ago. Rossignol was my first sponsor growing up on the east coast and it has been a dream come true riding for such an iconic company in the snow sports industry for this long.

Chris Logan
Parker White


What is your go-to ski?

P: Blackops Gamer (118) has been the go-to ski for the past 5 seasons. It’s a ski that can land switch, butter, schmear, but also handle high speeds and big lines. What else could you want?

C: Same here, I ski the Gamer on a pretty regular basis. It’s floaty in deep pow, solid under foot, buttery in the tip and tail, just a perfect backcountry freeride ski.

You guys were pretty involved in the original development of that ski. What was the inspiration behind it?

C: Yeah, the 118 helped fill a void in the Rossignol line that we both felt was missing at the time. The idea was a more freestyle oriented backcountry ski. We’d skied the Sickle for about two seasons after production had stopped and needed something new that we could ski playful lines, hit BC jumps and land switch in powder. The Sickle was about 110 under foot, so we took some pieces from that ski that we liked and added some that we thought were missing, and that ultimately led to the creation of the 118. 

How many versions needed to be made before you were happy with the ski?

C: The very first prototype that was developed is pretty much the same Blackops 118 that we ski today. When we hopped on that ski we were immediately in love with it. It was everything that we wanted. When Rossi asked what we would change about the prototype, we told them “Nothing”. The only thing that has changed with the new construction which uses more sustainably sourced materials – something I think everyone can get behind.

P: Yeah, like Dahrk said, the first version Rossignol sent us was perfect. We haven’t changed much from the first time we skied them. The shape remains the same with a few small tweaks over the years to the layup of materials in the ski.






Did the development of the 118 change the perception of Rossignol among your peers?

C: For sure! I think it changed the perception of some of the people around us who have a similar style and outlook towards skiing. Some of the smaller brands were seen as these cool, core ski companies and Rossignol had lost some of that feeling amongst core riders at the time. This ski definitely opened people’s eyes again.

P: I definitely agree. Blackops was created specifically by (and for) the core skiers in the industry. They were the antithesis of the 7 Series. They were heavy, hard charging skis without any logos, bright colors or eye-catching technology. I think we won back a lot of people by simply making something honest and pure that worked without any of the extra frills or tech-heavy marketing hype that’s so common in the industry.  

With the new BLACKOPS range being released, what other BLACKOPS skis are you skiing on?

P: I skied on the Sender TI this year in Nelson at our team shoot a bit. It was the first time in a while that I’ve skied on a directional freeride ski. I ski the Holyshred (98) for spring park laps and slush. The Gamer’s (118) are still my personal favorite.

C: I ride the Holyshred (98) for spring park laps, but for the most part stick to what I know and love which is the Gamer (118). I ski every type of condition on that ski and truly love how it handles all conditions. For the past six years, my ski quiver really only consists of one ski. There are definitely some cool new skis in the line but the Gamer is really suited to my style of skiing.

What did you get up to this season?

P: This past winter was dope! I moved to Mt. Baker for the season and had a blast cruising around the resort and surrounding side country. I traveled a lot less this season than I have in the past. The only trips I took were to Japan and Nelson early season. I put a lot of effort this year into not focusing too specifically on one thing.  We skied a lot, and we powsurfed a lot, and we snowboarded a lot. It was awesome to have a home base where we could get a lot of stuff done.

C: This winter was super fun. A little different from past years as far as projects and crews go, but very similar in the constant chase for deep snow. The snow wasn’t the greatest around home in Northwest Montana, but I got to spend some time around Mt. Baker Washington which is one of my favorite places in the world. I also got some amazing bluebird pow days in the backcountry around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

Chris Logan
Parker White


Do you guys have any film projects that everyone can check out in the Fall?

P: This season I worked on “Nothing”.  A brainchild of mine and Freedle Coty’s.  The idea was to break the mold of a traditional ski segment or movie formula and incorporate all of our favorite things like powsurfing and boarding.  Our insta handle is @nothing_confidential and we’ll be dropping a 10-15 minute short film this fall.  Check that shit out.  

C: I did some filming with Henrik Harlaut and Karl Fostvedt on Henrik’s two year project, “Salute” that will be coming out this fall. It was cool mixing it up and shredding with those guys for the first time in the backcountry. It had been a handful of years since being able to ski with Dollo, and was my first time really riding with Karl so that made it a fun dynamic with two of the best helping to push my skiing. With Emil “Stogen” Granoo behind the lens, Daniel “Uncle D” Ronnback taking photos, and the Stept Studios guys in the editing room, I think it’s gonna be an all-time flick. Definitely check it out when it drops.

How have you guys been handling quarantine?  What have you been doing to keep yourself busy?

C: Its going well, I have been doing some work around my house with my girlfriend and knocking some long overdue projects off the to-do list, watching a lot of shows and movies, spending some time on the stationary bike, and cooking up a lot of good meals.

P: Honestly, I sleep till like noon every day, mull around my house, watch movies, eat ice cream with whiskey in it and then pass out again. It’s really unexciting. I’ve started practicing the guitar a little bit and my girlfriend and I do stretch routines so I guess that’s healthy... but yeah that’s pretty much it.  

What are you looking forward to next year?  Any trips or projects you are going to be working on?

P: Next year I’m looking forward to the world hopefully re-opening.  I’d like to film an even longer more complete part to expand on what we filmed this year.  We had a lot of plans for this April that got cancelled like a QP sesh in Mammoth, a heli skiing trip in Valdez, AK, and plans to go to Sweden for Kimbo Sessions. I also would like to explore more of the surrounding area where I live because I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. Plans always change though, for example sometimes there is a global pandemic and everything shuts down, so better to not plan too far ahead.  

C: Next year I am looking forward to skiing more pow. Hopefully having a better winter around Montana so that I don’t have to go too far from home to find good snow. Possibly take some trips to new zones or zones that I haven’t been back to in a while. Ride with good buddies and hopefully have a March, April, and May to ski which are some of my favorite months to ride. 

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!



Park & Dahrk


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