We Rise – Rossignol Women

NOVA : Where performance meets elegance

The complete NOVA women’s ski series comes out this winter. Marion Bonnard and Vincent Serclerat tell us what makes their “babies” special. It might just make some skiers green with envy...



Le Nova 14 TI leads this series, which includes 6 models covering the breadth of skiers’ technical range on the piste. In September 2017, when the project began, Marion had one goal:


«In this series, I wanted to offer women’s skis that were, performance-wise, a cut above what’s normally offered on the market. »


The head of Women Skis knew that women’s skis are sometimes perceived by advanced female skiers as “too soft” with an “overly girly” design. It’s not unusual for them to look in the men’s section to find a pair that appeals to their needs. The Nova 14 was made for these women.




When creating it, Vincent, the project manager, used technologies from other categories. The LCT technology, for example, comes straight from racing and the renowned Hero series, which was developed while working with athletes:


« The poplar wood core is fitted with elastomer sheets (LCT), which gives the skis better torsional flex and improves its performance. »



And the Carbon Alloy fibre was originally developed for high-end freeride skis... Vincent confesses he skied on the Nova 14 TI all winter:


« These skis have great performance, and yet it’s more playful and forgiving than typical racing skis like the Hero. You can go full throttle all day long and never get bored of it! »




Less experienced skiers can rest assured - the Nova has been developed so that the technical response is adapted within the series itself. There are six different structures and one key technology: the Adaptive Flex, which offers the right degree of flexibility for the skier’s level. As Vincent explains


« The series starts with the Nova 2. Very flexible (assist flex), so very accessible and light, ideal for instilling confidence in a first-time skier. The series then moves up, with slightly less flexible (active flex) models, that are both responsive and accessible for intermediate skiers, and goes all the way up to Nova 14 TI with much stiffer and more responsive flex (boost flex), which advanced skiers, like ski instructors and ex-racers, will love.»




Its design approach is also specific: The Nova is distinctly feminine, but with an emphasis on sleekness and simplicity. A far cry from both the race skis’ flamboyant visual codes and the often highly floral motifs that are offered to female skiers, in these skis, performance and elegance come together perfectly.


An innovative, rich combination that promises performance for all women, in a clean and sophisticated style.




Sandie Tourondel, Racing department communication manager, had a chance to test the Nova 14 TI before its launch at Saisies at the end of winter 2019. She loved it: “The Nova 14 TI is a real gem, and above all, for women who like moving with lots of power on the piste and carving turns. They’re responsive and very stable even at high speed or when the piste turns into an unrestricted playing field. For women looking for high level performance on women’s skis, this is a gem to be used with abandon.”