Succession by Max McCulloch

Max McCulloch presents us an awesome project straight from home in Canada BC. This video comes out of the ordinary by being self-filmed. We can see Max’s talent in front / and behind the camera on a Heretic : a bike that perfectly balances hard-charging stability and playful, party lap performance.

" I’ve shot a few of these self-filmed videos over the years and thought it would be good to mix it up for this one. I wanted to capture the feeling of rhythm and thought repeating the riding could help show that. After playing around with it, the repeating shots turned out looking a little funny, so I thought I might as well lean into it as much as I could.

The hope is people will find it visually interesting and a bit out of the ordinary. I’m by no means a visual effects artist so I’m sure there will be a few flaws to pick out, but it was a fun project to put together.

Thanks to Jean at Rossignol for supporting my weird ideas. "


Max McCulloch

Max McCulloch on his Rossignol Heretic bikeMax McCulloch on his Rossignol Heretic bike
The Rossignol Heretic bikeThe Rossignol Heretic bike