How to choose nordic skating skis?


This year, you’ve decided you want to do Nordic skating! This fun and comprehensive sport is becoming more popular. This technique was first introduced in the 80s and revolutionized the world of skiing. First step: the equipment. The key to success lies primarily in the choice of material. In Nordic skating, it is important choosing it according to: your technical level, your fitness and your template (size and weight).



Nordic skating is closer to rollerblading and ice skating and can be practiced on groomed slopes and prepared snow. It requires some technique when starting, in order to slide with a ski as flat as possible. Everyone must find their own pace according to their physical abilities, his or her level of endurance or experience.

To start in skating, you must choose a field suitable for learning: a flat course or lightly flat down course, where fitness is not required. Practice rollerblading or having a good level in Alpine skiing will quickly help. Similarly, if you are already practicing Nordic skiing, having a good technique in classical style in the footsteps will simplify this initiation.

Do not neglect the warm-up period by adopting a slow pace initially and increasing the pace gradually.

Another tip to get acquainted with this movement, place yourself in a slight false flat downhill, one ski in a trace to promote balance, the other one off track and facing outwards. The purpose of this exercise is to feel a simple transfer of body weight from one ski to the other that allows acceleration. Change foot, and then gradually remove traces to perform the exercise with two open storage.

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It is a comprehensive physical activity that combines the benefits of endurance, the benefits of a global muscular workout (upper and lower limbs, trunk) and psychological benefits from the great outdoors. If you want to prepare your season of skiing, you can increase your daily physical activity (walking, climbing stairs ...), doing endurance sports, diversifying your activities to fit your body (running, cycling, swimming, roller skating ...) and finally some exercise for the abdominal muscles.

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The skating skis are generally shorter than "classic" skis. The best size depends on the morphology of the skier, his or her strength and his or her skiing style.
However, in general: the size of the ski is 15 cm more than the size of the skier. If you stand between two sizes, be aware that a longer ski provides better glide, but will be a little less manoeuvrable. To start, it is best not to choose too large.

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In summary, the practice of skating is an excellent way to develop or maintain physical effort during winter whether you are sedentary or elite athlete status. It allows you to change the usual practice, discovering new horizons and opening yourself to nature. The use of the power poles and the upper body are extremely important in the practice of skating, for a forward pulse. To complete your skating range, please visit our dedicated Nordic page.