This year you have decided that you would like to take up Nordic skiing! Whether in the Skate-Style, Classic or Touring mode, this snow sport is both fun and complete muscular exercise and it is becoming more and more popular. Step 1: Equipment. The key to success lies above all in the choice of equipment. The most important criteria to be considered in the choice of boots are the following: your gender, your technical level, your physical form and your build (height and weight).


Depending on the technique you wish to practice, Skate-Style, Classic or Touring, your choice of boots will not be the same. Competition boots will be rigid and lightweight to give the best possible performance.

Skate-Style boots have a rigid shell above the ankle to give greater stability in the slide phase and greater effectiveness in the push phase.

Cross-Country boots do not have a rigid shell above the ankle so as to give the skier complete freedom of movement at the level of the ankle.

Touring boots are very warm and comfortable, meeting the needs of skiers not looking for performance but rather a reliable and sturdy boot especially when Backcountry skiing.

Rossignol offers a range that is specially dedicated to the female body morphology which is perfectly adjusted to the specific qualities of the woman's foot with the FW range.