This year you have decided that you would like to take up Nordic skiing! Whether in the Skate-Style, Classic or Touring mode, this snow sport is both fun and complete muscular exercise and it is becoming more and more popular.


Step 1: Equipment. The key to success lies above all in the choice of equipment. The most important criteria to be considered in the choice of bindings are the following: your style (skate-style, classic or touring), your technical level, your physical form and your build (height and weight).

All Rossignol bindings adapt to boots using the NNN system. Your skis will be delivered with or without an NIS plate, which may affect your choice of binding.
If your skis are equipped with an NIS plate, you will need to choose a "sliding" binding, adjustable on NIS plates.

The binding can be slid on the plates prefixed to the ski. If the skis are not equipped with NIS plates you have 2 possible solutions: Screw a Plate onto the ski and then slide on a sliding binding Fix a screw-on binding directly onto the ski.

Then choose a binding adapted to your skis and to your style (skate-style, classic and touring), knowing that: The finer the binding the more it will be suitable for those looking for performance on fine skis adapted to compact pistes. The wider and sturdier the binding, the more it will be suitable for wide skis like those used when skiing Backcountry.