Perrine Laffont is happy to be back in France and training again.

Perrine Laffont is happy to be back in France and training again.   The mogul queen is enjoying 15 days of training and the fantastic conditions in Isère with her colleagues from the French team.

“So here we are, back out on the moguls in Alpe d’Huez after a month-long break since the last World Cup competition. We're all feeling super happy. We were really missing it!

The course the resort has prepared for us is amazing. We’re lucky to be able to train in such superb conditions. The sun is shining, the snow is good and we’re among the privileged few able to get on a ski lift. It’s really fabulous.

Perrine is wearing Atelier S jacket, made in France.

The days are pretty full on, we start early and do a lot of training... and I mean a lot... As a result, we’ve suddenly all got very sore backs! We call it “moguls back”. It happens when you go back to big training sessions on moguls. It puts a lot of strain on your back and we’re really aching!

But the set-up for these 15 days of training is amazing so we’re not complaining! It’s good preparation for the upcoming World Cup competitions which are due to start in early February if everything goes well. It's a chance to feel the sensations again, correct a few details that have slipped and fine-tune everything!” 

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Photos : Ben Cavet

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