Micro-Escape - Episode 8


1.00 pm


Jacob and Sofia start their adventure around majestic Scandinavian fjords in their perfectly converted campervan. Under a cloudy sky, they warm up and get ready for the ski touring session ahead.

Jacob and Sofia warm up outside their campervan before starting their dayJacob and Sofia warm up outside their campervan before starting their day

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2.00 pm


The equipment has been carefully selected and prepared: it’s time to start the ascent.

3.00 pm


The sun comes out to reward the first strides powered by calves and the amazing beauty of the landscape is revealed: snowy summits stand out delicately against the clouds and immense bodies of deep water extend as far as the eye can see.

Snowy mountain landscapeSnowy mountain landscape

4.00 pm


Throughout the ascent, Jacob and Sofia marvel in wonder at the amazing scenery revealed with each step, delighted to have found this little corner of paradise that is theirs alone today.

5.30 pm


It’s time for a well-earned break and to remove skins from skis...

6.30 pm


As the sun starts to set, they embark on their descent. Somewhere down there, in the distance, the cosy little van is waiting to welcome its owners for a well-earned rest in a few minutes.

Sunset descent in skisSunset descent in skis

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7.00 pm


Just enough time for a few turns on virgin Scandinavian slopes and to savour these moments of fulfilment, freedom and authenticity. Darkness is gradually falling as they make their way back...

Skiing down in the sunset, back to the starting pointSkiing down in the sunset, back to the starting point

8.00 pm


It’s time to relax with a meal and a good book in this peaceful setting. The curtain is falling on this beautiful winter day, until the next one!

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