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How do I place an order?

1. Browse our catalogue and Rossignol products online.
2. Select your items of interest by adding them to your shopping cart.
3. When all of your desired items have been added to your shopping cart, click 'Shopping cart icon' (at the top-right hand side of the site).
4. Check the contents of your shopping cart, and click on "check out" in the Summary.
5. Complete your Payment with eShopworld, Rossignol's preferred partner for international sales.

Can I place an order over the phone?

We are unfortunately unable to take orders over the phone or by email, letter or fax. They must be made online for security and technical reasons.

Do I need to create an account to buy from your online store?

You can purchase from the Rossignol website without signing up.

How do I find the product I’m looking for on the website?

There are two ways to find products: via the navigation or search menu.

To search with the navigation menu, select your desired gender or category sport from the options at the top of the page. Mobile users can either click on the drop-down menu on the left (next to the Rossignol logo). You can then further refine your search results using the filters. This is where you can narrow down your results with options such as product type, size, colour and price.

Alternatively, you can find specific products by using the search bar at the top right of the page. Simply enter the product name or article number.

For product details, click on the product image. Found what you were looking for? Click on ‘Add to cart'.

How do I manage the content of my shopping cart?

Go to the shopping cart icon at the top right corner of any page. From there you can manage the content of your shopping cart.

- To change the size of a product, click ‘View / Edit’ below the specific product. You will be redirected to the product sheet and will be able to add a new size to your shopping cart. Be careful to remove from your shopping cart the size that did not suit you.
- To delete a product, click on the "X" to the right of the product price.
- To change the quantity of a product, click the product quantity box and select the number you want to order. Then click on "update shopping cart" to update the data.

Are the items included in the shopping cart reserved automatically?

No, including an item in the shopping cart does not reserve it or guarantee its availability. Some much-in-demand items may go out of stock before you confirm your purchase despite being available when you added them to your shopping cart.

To speed up the purchasing process and save time on future orders, register at

What should I do if the product I'm looking for or my size is 'out of stock' on the site?

Product availability is indicated on the product page once a size has been selected (and a colour for fabric goods).

There are two possible indications for 'unavailable' items:
- 'Unavailable': the product is permanently unavailable.
- 'Notify me when the product is back in stock': the product will be restocked on the site soon. In this case, you can request to be alerted when it becomes available in the near future, by clicking on 'Notify me when the product is back in stock'. You will then be advised of the product availability by email when it is back in stock.

Where can I find an unavailable product that will not be restocked on the site?

If you can not find a product on our site or if a size or colour is no longer available, you can contact our Rossignol stores or any of our retailers in your are by clicking on 'Store Finder'.

Can I pre-order or reserve a product?

No, it is not possible to pre-order or book products on the Rossignol website at this time.

Is it possible to send my order to a third party or a different address to my invoice address?

Yes, the parcel will be sent to the person and address indicated in the 'delivery address' field. You have the option to save multiple addresses in your account and distinguish between delivery and billing addresses.

Be sure to fill in the first and last name of the person receiving the package and not yours.

Can I change my delivery address once my order has been shipped?

Once your order is confirmed, it is automatically sent to the logistics centre for preparation and shipping. So changes cannot be made to the delivery location once an order has been placed.

How can I track the progress of my order?

To track your order in real time, head to our Tracking Portal.

Will I be informed of the progress of my order?

You will receive email notifications every step of the way, from receipt of your order through to delivery: You'll get an order confirmation, shipping confirmation and delivery confirmation if you have chosen the click and collect option.

I have not received a confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

First check your spam filter. If you use Gmail, check in the promotion tab.
Also make sure that you have not made any mistakes in the spelling of your email address. You can check your personal information by logging into your account --> My Information.

If there are no errors and you still haven't received it, then feel free to contact our Customer Service directly to help you by clicking here.

How do I know that my order has been received?

You will receive an order confirmation email when your order has been placed. The shipping email guarantees that your order has been processed.

Didn't receive your confirmation email? In this case, find out how to view the status of your order here.

How long after receiving my confirmation email will I be able to track my order?

After you receive your shipment confirmation email, it can take up to 24 hours before you will be able to track the package online. This is because your carrier needs to scan your package before you can track it. It can take slightly longer if there’s a weekend in between.

My order is incomplete, what should I do?

In the unlikely event you are missing an item, please click here to contact our Customer Service so we can help.

Where can I find my order number?

A few minutes after we receive your order, we’ll send you a confirmation email that includes your order number. If you can’t find your confirmation email, check your spam folder. If you are using Gmail, check the promotions folder.
If you recently made your purchase, be aware that it may take up to five minutes to process your order before you get your confirmation email.

If there’s a spelling mistake in the email address you submitted, we will not be able to send you an email. But don’t worry, your order will still be processed as normal.

How can I get my order number if I have not received a confirmation email?
You can obtain your order number by accessing the "My orders" section of your secure "My Account" area. You will find your order number there. It is composed of 3 capitals letters followed by 11-digit numbers.

Why is my online order cancelled?

We are sorry to hear that your order is cancelled. It is very hard to define a specific reason why the order is cancelled.
Most of the time the reason for cancelling an order is a payment problem. You can refer to the section "Why has my payment been declined" to check if this is the cause. We suggest that you place a new order for your items.

Feel free to consult also the section "Why can't my order be sent?"

You can contact our customer service if you need more information by clicking here.

I am having general problems accessing/buying from your website.

We'd recommend trying another browser/device and also clearing your cookies and cache. If this doesn't help, then click here to get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help.


Is it safe to shop online at Rossignol?

We ensure high security of data on our Rossignol Online Store. All credit and debit card transactions are processed by eShopworld, a secure online gateway that will be responsible for holding and handling information related to your payment details. Our server uses SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) and transfer data to a completely secure environment.

No banking information about you is transmitted to We do not store your bank details on our servers.

When will the amount of the order be debited?

The total amount of the order will be debited after your order is submitted.

What payment methods are available on the site?

You can pay by bank cards (Visa, CB, MasterCard, AmEx, Maestro), PayPal and supported Digital Wallets.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a secure online payment system. To open a PayPal account, simply provide bank or credit card details via a secure connection. You will be asked to request a transfer order when purchasing online. The money will then be transferred from your PayPal account to the PayPal account.

The advantage of this solution is complete protection against any unauthorised payments made from your account as bank details are never exchanged during the transaction. Furthermore, a confirmation receipt is issued for each purchase. This system does not generate additional charges during the payment process. It allows users to complete transactions quickly without re-entering their information.

Is VAT included in the price?

Yes, prices are displayed with included VAT.

Why has my payment been declined?

Your credit card could have been declined for one of the following reasons:
- The card may be expired. Check that your card is still valid.
- You may have entered some information incorrectly. Check that you have filled in all the required fields correctly.
- You may have reached your credit limit. Contact your bank to check that you have not exceeded the authorized purchase limit.


Where can I find information on your delivery timeframes, methods and rates?

Head on over to our Delivery page where you can find the most up to date information.

How do I track the progress of my order?

You can track the progress of your order in real time in our Tracking Portal.

Which carrier will deliver my order?

We ship with DHL and Local Post.

What is the advantage of a click and collect delivery?

If you choose a click and collect delivery for your order, we will cover the delivery costs with no minimum order total. Simply choose the most convenient store. Please note, click and collect delivery is available only in certain countries.

Why can’t you ship my order?

There are a few reasons that can keep us from being able to ship your order.

Here are a few possible causes:
- The product(s) you ordered are out of stock.
- You specified a PO box as your delivery address. Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver to PO boxes, because our deliveries need to be signed upon receipt.
- A payment issue might have occurred when you placed the order.

In case non of the options above apply in your case, feel free to contact our customer service here.

Why is my order sent in several installments?

You can receive your order in several packages.

Here are some possible reasons:
- Some of the products in your order are not available in our warehouse. In order not to make you wait, we choose to send you the products already available and will send you the missing products in a second order.
- The order is composed of clothing and ski equipment (skis, boots, poles...). Due to the size of the package and different types of products, we prepare two separate orders.

What happens if I'm not home when delivery is attempted?

If you're not home when the carrier passes by, they will leave an attempted delivery card with details on where you can collect your parcel or contact you directly using the telephone number provided.

What should I do if I received the wrong product?

If you receive the wrong product by mistake, please contact our customer services. We will provide you with a returns number and advise you on the returns process for the product(s) you did not order. In this scenario, we will email you a prepaid label for your parcel covering the cost of the return.

What should I do if I receive a faulty product?

If you receive a faulty product by mistake, please request a return on our Returns Portal. Once your parcel is back with us, we will check the returned products and issue a refund if a quality issue is detected.


How do I make changes to my order?

You will not be able to make changes to a confirmed order on our site.

Can I cancel my online order?

You will not be able to cancel a confirmed order on our site.

What is the return policy?

In line with the Consumer Code, you have a right to withdrawal for the products purchased from the site, with the exception of personalised products, within 30 calendar days from when the products are received. Please contact our customer services within this period to exercise your right to withdrawal and for any returns requests.
We will give you a returns number and advise you on the product returns process. Otherwise, we will unfortunately be unable to process your request and our teams will be unable to take delivery of your products. Regardless of the chosen delivery option (home or in-store), if you exercise your right to withdrawal, you must return the product(s) no later than (30) days from the date on which our customer services were notified. Once we receive your parcel, we will check the product(s) and issue a refund.

PLEASE NOTE: For the item to be returned to our logistics for a refund, it must not have been worn or washed and must be returned in its original packaging with the swing tickets attached. If we receive your item(s) and they do not meet this criteria your return will be refused by our logistics and returned to you.

You can request a return from our Returns Portal within 30 days of receipt of your order.

When the request is confirmed, we will give you a return label and advise you on the product returns process. Otherwise, we will unfortunately be unable to process your request and our teams will be unable to take delivery of your products. You must return the product(s) no later than thirty (30) days from the date of your returns request to our customer services. Once we receive your parcel, we will check the product(s) and issue a refund.

Important information: The right of withdrawal does not apply for any personalised products, i.e. any product that is irreversibly adapted or changed, namely any product pierced or fitted in line with specifications provided when the order was placed. Fitted skis: If you purchase skis and bindings, they will be fitted to order and adjusted in line with the European ISO 11088 standard. We are unable to accept returns of personalised skis.

How many days do I have to return my order?

For all returns requests, please use our Returns Portal within 30 days of receipt of your order.

How much does it cost to return a product(s)?

Returning products doesn't cost anything as long as you follow the instructions on how to return a product except:

Russia - 1800 RUB restocking fee
Japan- 2250 JPY restocking fee
Serbia- 2350 RSD restocking fee

It is possible to return items purchased on sales.

Can I exchange my product(s)?

We currently do not have the ability to exchange products. If you are interested in a different size or colour, you will need to return the item(s) and place a new order. Your return will be refunded once it has been received and processed at our warehouse.

Why is it that some items cannot be returned?

The right of withdrawal does not apply for the following products:
- Any personalised product. By personalised product, we mean any product irreversibly adapted or changed, namely any product pierced and fitted in line with specifications provided by the customer when the order was placed. Personalisation covers: Ski kits + fitted bindings.

How can I track my return?

To track the progress of your return in real time, visit the 'My Orders' section in your secure "My Account" area.

You will find the details of your returns requests and their status as well as the list of credit notes and corresponding refunds. Click the returns number for the details of your returns request and tracking information for the return. Once the returned products have been received and checked by our team, we will refund you.

How long does it take to get a refund?

Your refund will come through within 14 days from when the returned products are received. Please note in peak season there might be a delay. For any information on your refund do not hesitate to conctact our customer service team.

The amount of the refund is incorrect, what should I do?

Please contact our Customer Service.

Can I exchange the product in-store?

No, online orders can may not be exchanged in our Rossignol stores.

How can I return purchases made in a Rossignol store?

If you purchased at our Rossignol stores you can return or exchange your product in the same store, in accordance to the store's policy.


What is a Promo code?

Promo codes are personalized codes, issued on special occasions, that enables you to take advantage of exclusive promotions on services and products offered by Rossignol Online Store.

How do I get and use a Promo code?

The "Discount Code" space is displayed in the first page of the Shopping Cart: enter your Code in the field "enter discount code" and click on "Apply Discount" to obtain your new total.

If you want to get the chance to have a promo code, click here to sign up to Rossignol Newsletter and we will inform you about promotions and more.

Why doesn’t my promo code apply the correct discount to my order?

Promotions often only work on a specific selection of our products during specific period. Please read the specific Terms and Conditions in the source of your promo code to make sure that your promo code applies to your order. The Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of the email we send you, underneath the ‘Store Locator’ and ‘Privacy Policy’.

If you’re absolutely sure your promo code is valid for your order and the discount still doesn’t work, please contact us.

Why won’t my promo code work on sales products?

If your promo code isn't working on discounted products, it's probably due to the promo code's Terms and Conditions. Check the source of your promo code for the promo code-specific Terms and Conditions. You can find the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the email, below the Privacy Policy. Promo codes are always linked to their respective Terms and Conditions.

If discounted products are excluded from your promo code, use your promo code on a regular price product instead.

What should I do if my promo code isn’t working?

Sometimes when you try to use a promo code you can get a message saying it’s either expired or not recognized. If it’s expired, you won’t be able to use it any more. This means that the validity date has expired. If it’s not recognized, you can follow these steps to get to the bottom of the problem.

First you need to make sure you are using the promo code correctly. Read the terms and conditions which can be found at the bottom of the email. Also make sure the promo code applies to at least one item in your cart – not all items are eligible for promo codes. Another potential issue is the promo code might be a retail voucher – these can’t be used at our online store at the moment.

If none of these issues apply, make sure you’ve entered the promo code exactly as it appears. It’s easy to make mistakes if you enter the code manually.

Some common mistakes are:
- Check spacing, character errors and/or spelling mistakes.
- The voucher code field is case-sensitive. Check that ‘Caps Lock’ button is not on and use upper case where necessary.
- Check you’re not mixing up the numbers 0/1 and the letters O/I.

If you are sure your voucher is valid for your order but it still doesn’t work, please contact us.


Does the Rossignol website display your complete collection?

We display the majority of our products online.

The whole of this year's collection is for sale online, subject to stock availability. Select your country (on the top right-hand side of the site) to ensure you get the right product information for your delivery country.

Some product categories might not be available for purchase online in your Country.

To discover new collection, head to New Arrivals.

How can I get assistance about a product?

If you are looking for information on Rossignol equipment, you may find useful to consult these pages:

- Material guide: on this page you will find all the answers to your question "how to choose my ski and snowboard equipment?"
- Sizing guide: on this section you will get all the information regarding sizing.
- Product page: on our product pages you will find all the technical and technological information about it.

Can't find the information you need? You can contact our customer services.

Are all products from the online store available in your stores?

Our stores stock as many of our products as possible, but they do have limited space. For this reason they can’t store all the products that are available at the online store. If the product you want to order is available at the online store, you can buy it online and pick it up from a store by selecting ‘boutique delivery’ during checkout.

If you are at the store but the product you are looking for is not available, our staff will happily order it for you.

How to make a quality complaint?

Do you have a quality complaint about one of our Rossignol products? You can contact us by filling out the contact form available by clicking here.

It is important for us to have your feedback on our products to improve even further.


Size Charts

You will find here all our size guides to help you in your choice as well as on each product page.


Where can I get information on the SKI PURSUIT mobile app?

The Ski Pursuit app is available on Android market (Google Play) and the Apple Store. Visit this page for information on the Pursuit app. You can change your password from your account. Enter your current password, then the new chosen password and confirm before approving the changes. Access your account by clicking here.


Read the Rossignol Group's story

Visit this page to hear the Rossignol story. The key dates are here.

How do I reach the headquarters of the Rossignol Group?

The Rossignol Group international headquarters are based on the outskirts of Grenoble at 98 Rue Louis Barran (38430 Saint Jean de Moirans, France). By motorway (A48, E711, E711).

- From Lyon: Voreppe toll station exit --> Head for Moirans on the RN85 – D1085 then Centr’Alp – Porte de la Chartreuse --> At the second roundabout, head towards 'Porte de la Chartreuse' – Rue Louis Barran.
- From Grenoble: 'Moirans – Voiron', exit no. 11 --> Head towards Centr’Alp until the first roundabout --> Follow the signs for 'Porte de la Chartreuse' – Rue Louis Barran at this roundabout.

See access map

How do I apply to job positions at Rossignol Group?

All available job offers can be viewed on the Rossignol Group site.

What is the Rossignol partnership policy? Who do I contact for event sponsorship requests?

Send a message via the contact form for any sporting, school or event partnership requests. Select 'Partnership request' as the subject. You must complete the country field.

Please note: requests unrelated to snow sports or lottery grants are not eligible for sponsorship.

How do I find a store nearby?

To find the nearest Rossignol Store or any of our dealers, click on the "Find a retailer" in the header of the Rossignol Online Store and enter your ZIP code or your City. Your nearest store will be shown. You can change the country by selecting the flag on the right.

What can I do if I’m concerned that I purchased a fake product?

Counterfeit items do circulate all around the world. If you think you bought one and would need our confirmation to claim the refund from your payment provider, please inform us where and from whom (name and address) you purchased the product. You should include the following details:

- The SKU code
- photos of the product (including all labels attached to the product).
- photos of the packaging.
- a copy of the purchase receipt.
- any other documentation you received with the product.
- the website address if you purchased the product online.

Please send all these elements on our Contact Form

As fake products do not come from us, please understand we cannot accept them for exchange or refund.
We cannot provide details of any outcomes of actions we may take.

If you choose to file a complaint against the seller of the product, we will cooperate with any inquiries from authorities concerning the authenticity of the product.

For future purchases, please be advised to buy your product from our online store, one of our official stores, or an authorised reseller.

I'm an athlete and would like to be sponsored by Rossignol. What should I do?

The most important factor is motivation. It's not just about wearing our products, it's a real commitment. Committing to constant self-improvement, to becoming stronger, to learning new tricks, to taking part in the biggest competitions and to going off to film. It's also about giving your time to develop and promote the brand and skis/snowboards, taking part in test days and giving feedback on skis.
Good results in international competitions are a key factor in securing sponsorship. But it is also essential to do excellent video edits because a good edit will be remembered for longer in the ski and snowboard community than a good competition result.

To be eligible for Rossignol sponsorship, you must first:
- Have already sought out a partnership with a Rossignol dealer in your local area.
- Be known and recognised in the discipline first at national level, then at international level.
- Speak fluent English.
- Have travelled internationally for competitions or training.
- Create a comprehensive partnership file with photos, media publications and previous video productions.

If you have completed these steps, you are eligible to apply for Rossignol sponsorship. If not, this does not mean that Rossignol cannot help you in your season, quite the contrary. With Rossignol's Junior Programme, anyone can receive assistance. To benefit, simply join the programme based on the selection criteria. The Rossignol Junior Programme is aimed at freestylers who compete and produce video edits.

Access the contact form

Can I test Rossignol products?

Every winter season, Rossignol travels to all corners of Europe to let you test out the latest products in the Rossignol range and enjoy the many games and promotions. Loans are granted upon presentation of ID.
Visit our "events" section on Faceboook to find out where the next Rossignol tests will take place. This section is updated frequently, so do not hesitate to consult it several times.


How can I contact Rossignol Customer Services?

There are a few ways to get in touch with our team. Click here to contact us now.