Micro-Escape - Episode 6


7.50 am


It is early morning and the resort of Chamrousse is still slumbering as Emma, Etienne and Bongo start their ascent in touring skis guided by the light of their head-torches. The sky is lighting up with pretty shades of pink and Bongo’s excited barking leaves no doubt: a dream day lies ahead above the Grésivaudan Valley.

Emma and Etienne ski touring at daybreakEmma and Etienne ski touring at daybreak

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9.30 am


While Emma and Etienne maintain a steady pace, the young dog races around, overjoyed at being back in the snow. A little refreshment stop is needed to give him a drink before continuing the ascent.

Emma and Etienne in touring skis accompanied by dog BongoEmma and Etienne in touring skis accompanied by dog Bongo

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11.20 am


The sun has risen, and the snow is becoming more widespread and thicker, much to the delight of our inseparable trio.

12 pm


After their efforts of the morning, it’s time for a well-earned snack and a break against a backdrop of clear summits. Skins are removed from skis for a few exhilarating powder runs before continuing the ascent towards the Chamrousse peaks.

Picnic break for Emma and EtiennePicnic break for Emma and Etienne

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2.15 pm


The sky has clouded over by the time they arrive at La Botte. With no sunset views, Emma, Etienne and Bongo console themselves with a snack and a hot drink. It’s then time to make their way back to the resort, ending a day of pleasure and shared moments.

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