2 people practicing cross-country skiing2 people practicing cross-country skiing



If you’re looking for fun, easy, and safe new ways to stay active and energized over the winter months, Cross Country skiing offers a great alternative for active outdoor enthusiasts of every age and skill-level to get out and explore winter.


Whether your focused on cardio and strength training, or simply getting some fresh air, enjoying nature, and taking the dog for a walk at the local park, Rossignol is here to guide you to toward Another Best Day on snow this winter.

A person skiing on a groomed cross-country ski trailA person skiing on a groomed cross-country ski trail



Whether you choose a Skate or a Classic glide, cross country skiing on local groomed trails offers incredible cardio and strength building benefits with a heightened focus on technique and the powerful sensation of gliding across smooth, freshly groomed trails.


When cross country skiing on groomed trails, there are two styles or “disciplines” to choose from: Classic and Skate. These styles share some similarities; however, each requires different equipment and techniques.

A person practicing classic cross-country skiingA person practicing classic cross-country skiing



In terms of technique, classic Skiing is the most simple and accessible for beginners. This technique can be applied both on groomed trails and off-trail and consists of a parallel gliding style that’s comparable to an everyday walking stride.


Our wide variety of waxless Classic skis offer incredible ease-of-use without the need for special waxes or ski prep.

2 people practicing skate skiing2 people practicing skate skiing



As the name implies, the skate Skiing technique is closer to that of inline skating or ice skating. The technique is only practiced on groomed trails and consists of a pushing-off motion that propels the skier forward.


There are speed and glide advantages to Skate Skiing vs that of Classic, however the rhythmic V-shaped technique requires a bit more practice to perfect. 


Two people off-trail skiingTwo people off-trail skiing



Whether exploring the forest, gliding across your local golf course, or taking your dog or family for a stroll in the park, off-trail cross country skiing offers endless opportunities to exercise, explore, and enjoy the outdoors throughout the winter months.

Two people practicing cross-country ski touringTwo people practicing cross-country ski touring



In terms of technique and terrain, Touring is most similar to traditional Classic Skiing with an emphasis on varied terrain and snow conditions. For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, this easy, accessible activity offers a fun, efficient, and versatile alternative to snowshoeing.


Our EVO range of Touring skis offers a wider profile and waxless ready-to-ski design for incredible stability and ease-of-use when moving off the beaten path.

2 people practicing backcountry skiing2 people practicing backcountry skiing



While similar to Cross Country Touring backcountry Touring emphasizes moving into more adventurous and often steeper terrain and has many similarities to Alpine Touring. The equipment provides more downhill ski-ability with features such as: moderate tip rocker, full-length metal edges, and increased sidecuts. Some BC skis feature removable climbing skins for more efficient ascents.


IMPORTANT: Before moving into uncontrolled backcountry terrain, increased attention, education, and equipment geared toward safe backcountry travel practices and the mitigation of avalanche risks should be considered mandatory.