A calling from the mountains.
A place to reconnect with our whole selves.
Beyond the slopes, it is a reminder to appreciate in-between moments.
The vistas, the sunlight filtering through the trees.
Sharing a meal, a drink, and a laugh.
This is the Alpine Life.
A feeling that elevates us all.
It's about being here, above all.

Wall filled with photo frames in a chaletWall filled with photo frames in a chalet
Scene from the film : little girl going down the stairsScene from the film : little girl going down the stairs
Pictures of the shootingPictures of the shooting
Abel rossignol asleep in his bedAbel rossignol asleep in his bed

The new film celebrates love for the mountains and snow sports in all their richness. A love that, from generation to generation, forges a bond of shared emotions among all enthusiasts.

The film takes the viewer on a multi-faceted descent from powder fields to competition slopes alongside the brand's iconic champions.


Immersed in the action and tinged with nostalgia, this film is an ode to sharing and an invitation to experience the full array of winter activities, regardless of community, preferred discipline, or level of proficiency. It is a reminder to appreciate in-between moments. To share our passion for the mountains with others, to come together to create lifelong memories.



Some familiar faces appear during the film, iconic champions who build the brand's legend daily with over a century of tradition: the iconic Martin Fourcade, Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet for cross-country, the freeskier Enak Gavaggio, and the alpine ski champion Fedérica Brignone.

Martin FourcadeMartin Fourcade

"It was a beautiful day with Anaïs. On skis in one of my favorite places. The kind of day where the rain in the morning turns into snow and the lighting is magical."


 Martin Fourcade

Federica BrignoneFederica Brignone

"I was happy to shoot this film with Rossignol; it was very special to ski with the cameras all over me! I saw all the work that goes into such images! Incredible!"


 Federica Brignone

Federica BrignoneFederica Brignone
Axel Le PalabeAxel Le Palabe

"To have shot for the next Rossignol movie is an amazing opportunity! I was on the freestyle part with Hugo in the Park of Avoriaz. The weather was not great, but we did not lose motivation. The film crew was cool; we tried a lot of original shots. We even taped a camera to our skis! It was a great day of riding and sharing with my buddy and the whole crew!"


 Axel Le Palabe

Anaïs Chevalier-BouchetAnaïs Chevalier-Bouchet

"That morning, it was foggy and rainy. It's the kind of morning where you'd like to stay curled up on the sofa with a steaming coffee. And then you put on your skis and find yourself in a serene atmosphere, the tops of the fir trees sticking out of the fog; you follow the trail without knowing where you are going. The contrast of raw nature against a friendly and enthusiastic team. In the end, a good attitude wins and even manages to bring out the sun!"


 Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet

Anaïs Chevalier-BouchetAnaïs Chevalier-Bouchet
Enak GavaggioEnak Gavaggio

"A brand shoot is always very motivating, even more with this shoot. With the freeskiing part, we didn't focus on performance but instead on the richness of the shots. The idea was to bring with the team a cinematographic touch rather than a video. And it was gratifying."


Enak Gavaggio

Hugo LaugierHugo Laugier

"I spent a great day with the whole film crew in AVORIAZ. Even if the weather was not good, the atmosphere was there! We had a lot of fun with Axel, and meeting a new film crew was cool. It was a great meeting, a great day, and an absolute blast!"


 Hugo Laugier

Hugo LaugierHugo Laugier


Didi HaaseDidi Haase


Didi HaaseDidi Haase


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