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  1. Men's R-Exp MP+ Jacket
    Men's R-Exp MP+ Jacket
  2. Men's R-Exp Top Tee
    Men's R-Exp Top Tee
  3. Men's R-Exp Shorts
    Men's R-Exp Shorts
  4. Unisex R-Exp Cap
    Unisex R-Exp Cap
  5. 600ml Water Flask
    600ml Water Flask
  6. Men's R-Exp Top Tee
    Men's R-Exp Top Tee

(6 products)

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Rossignol offer a wide range of trail clothing for men. These clothes will allow you to run in all seasons. As a first layer, we propose you our collection of long and short sleeved shirts. You will also find a selection of men's waterproof, windproof and breathable trail jackets to protect you from the poor weather conditions. Finally, we also offer a nice collection of shorts and tights. Light and breathable, these trail clothes will be your best allies during your trainings. And don't forget all the trail accessories that will be useful during your trail running: backpack, caps...