Perrine Laffont: things always come in three!

8 competitions and 7 victories. Season is over and she already has won her third Crystal Globe. 

21 years and already three Crystal Globes, and the season is not over yet.

[01/03/2020] 100 points, it is the amount of points that a skier wins for the general ranking when they win a race. 314, it is the gap that separates the first Perrine Laffont, and the second, the Australian Jakara Anthony - and there are only three races left, before the end of the season. Calculations are pretty simple then, our national "Pepette" is already and officialy the new Moguls World Champions.

[13/03/2020] As the current situation forced every organizations to cancel their event, the Moguls World Cup had to start earlier this season. Perrine then has been officialy crownd World Cup winner, has she won the big Crystal Globe of the overall ranking, and also the small one of the speciality.

We are more than ever proud of what she is accomplishing at the moment.


perrine laffont