Greetings from Deer Valley !

This month, Perrine Laffont takes us to Deer Valley, Utah for the World Cup in Women’s Moguls. A legendary stop cherished by the young ski champion. 

« I love coming back to Deer Valley. It’s one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the country; with an amazing atmosphere and incredible slopes. For us, it’s a skiing paradise! The course is very impressive and sometimes even scary as we mentally prepared to compete!

Perrine wears the Oversize jacket and Rob beanie.


I usually feel calm before competition, this time was slightly different. It has been 2 months since I last competed, and it felt like a very long time. The enthusiasm from previous races felt far away; we needed to get back on track and find the energy again. It was almost like a new start to the season, and with such a challenging slope here in Deer Valley, it was even harder! Trainings were tough and I must say painful! But we made it, step by step, avoiding stress and panic, and the competition turned out well! (4th victory out of 4 for Perrine in the World Cup season).

Free Time

We don’t have much free time during the competition. Days are very busy with training, warm-ups, video sessions. Our time off is mostly dedicated to recovery. We had one hour to hang out in Salt Lake City.  We have a tradition of eating our favorite cheesecake in Park City. In our younger days we used to eat a lot of this incredible dessert; but now we’re more conscious of our diet!

Healthy food is what I miss the most when I am in the US.  It’s not a cliché to say that American cuisine is often unhealthy. It is always difficult to eat well when we’re on tour, and even more so in the US.

Perrine wears the Dossard Sweatshirt


I try to keep busy while I’m traveling. I usually check my email, but on long flights I like to watch movies. I enjoy a variety of movie genres, anything except violent movies. On my flight to Deer Valley I watched Ocean 8. I also love to read; I’m currently reading La Lionne by Kathrin Scholes. Podcasts and music are another great way to pass the time on long flights!

Perrine wears the Oversize jacket and Après-Ski boots 


Photos : Ben Cavet



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