Biathlon World Championships: Outstanding results for our Band Of Heroes!

Antholz World Championships ended this Sunday. Rossignol athletes won 7 Individual medals including 4 World Champion titles. The French brand is thus the winner of the brand ranking! Our heroes also captured 5 team medals including 2 World Champion titles.


dorothea wierer





Dorothea Wierer (ITA): A queen at home

Dorothea Wierer’s show was expected in front of her home crowd and she did not disappoint! The Italian biathlete left Antholz with 4 medals. 2 titles of World Champion during the Pursuit and the Individual, 1 silver medal during the Mass Start then one of the same color with the Mixed Relay. She also finishes these World Championships with the yellow bib of the leader.



emilien jacquelin





Emilien Jacquelin (FRA): The revelation

We knew that Emilien Jacquelin was solid since the beginning of the season. He proved it during these World Championships by winning his first 4 career medals. He took the Gold in Pursuit signing his first World Cup victory there, then bronze in Single Mixed Relay, again Gold with an incredible French Relay and finally bronze to finish in Mass Start.


martin fourcade





Martin Fourcade (FRA): Back to the top

After a complicated year, Martin Fourcade left these World Championships (the last?) with a good balance sheet. The bronze medal in Sprint to start then his 11th title of World Champion (in an individual race) in the 20km Individual event before finishing - in tears - by gold, again, with the French men's Relay.





They also succeed at these World Championships...





Synnoeve Solemdal (NOR): World Champion with the Norwegian relay

Lisa Vittozzi (ITA), Lukas Hofer (ITA) and Dominik Windisch (ITA): Vice World Champions in Mixed Relay with Italy

And Michal Krcmar (CZE): Bronze medalist with the Czech Mixed Relay




Congratulations to all our athletes and Rossignol Nordic staff for these great results!