Xavier DE LE RUE
French 01/07/1979 Snowboard
Xavier DE LE RUE
Profile Identity
Name Xavier DE LE RUE
Nationality French
Date of birth 01/07/1979
Location Saint Lary Soulan (FRA)
Discipline Snowboard
Prize list

Season's highlights

Best memorable session:
It was a trip to Antarctica with Jeremy Jones for Relentless movie, lives of the artists, we weren’t expecting much and we did get sun every day and breathtaking landscape. A unique experience I had tried to have a year before and that didn’t happen at that time. The second try was the good one and I shared that experience with tow good friends, Tero Repo (photographer) and Guido Perrini (filmer).

Best Line up until now:
Lost in between Canada and Alaska, we rode peaks and faces I thought were unreal during our camping trip in Alaska, go check Deeper movie to see what I’m talking about.
Philosophy: Life is about experiencing things … find your own way, keep searching, never give up … you'll find happiness.
What inspires you?
Nature - it's vital to my mental sanity.


Career Highlights:
World Champion on the Freeride World Tour - 2010, 2009 and 2008
Best Line (Ski and Snowboard) of the Freeride World Tour - 2009 and 2008
Swatch ONeill Big Mountain Pro - Overall Winner in 2009, 2nd in 2008, Winner in 2007
Freeride World Tour Verbier Extreme (CH) - Winner in 2009 and 2007
Winner of the Freeride World Tour in Tignes (FR), 2009 and 2008
Freeride World Tour in Sochi (RUS) - 2nd 2009 and 2nd 2008
Freeride World Tour in Squaw Valley (USA) - 3rd in 2009
SBX FIS Vice World Champion in 2009
Oxbow Back to the Powder in Tignes (FR) - Winner in 2008
Boarder-X World Championship - Winner in 2007
X Games Boarder-X - Winner in 2005
Gravity Games Boarder-X - Winner in 2005
Mt Baker legendary banked slalom – Winner 2002

2010 - Deeper by TGR
2010 - The Storming by Standard Films
2010 - Follow me down by Relentless (Lives of the artists 2)
2009 - Black Winter by Standard Films, Lives of the Artist by Relentlessentergy.com
2008 - Aesthetica by Standard Films
2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2003 - Nuit de la glisse
2004 - The ultimate round

2009 Snowboarder Magazine Big Mountain of The Year
Awarded for Standout part of the year at Transworld Rider Poll Award 2010
Cold Smoke Award 2010: nominated for Best Line
St Lary Freeride Film Festival 2010: Lives of the Artist awarded Best Shooting and Jury Special Prize
Goals in snowboarding:
Live Fast and die old!
I started doing a bit of everything in snowboarding; I won plenty of snowboard cross. Once I got the chance to start filming I understood really quickly that it was what I wanted to do the most. Now I’m trying to push my limit and big mountain riding the way I see it. The pedal to the metal and full on. Life is good and I can combine my love for nature with my job. My goals are to keep on exploring and to chase the most perfect snow and faces that can be ridden.

Freeride world tour
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