RSC shoes

RSC shoes

The multi-activity sneaker inspired by trail running is the best company for your daily routine. It is the ideal shoe for walking around the city, running at the park and traveling around the globe.

RSC Shoes

The design relieves stress on the foot and promotes good posture for running and walking. They accommodate movement and swelling over the course of extended wear and support confident traction on the street and trail. Tricolor details and the unmistakable rooster logo give a nod to Rossignol's rich French-inspired sports heritage.

RSC shoes technology

Optimized posture


Drop 8 is the height that positions the body's posture in an appropriate position between comfort and performance, both for running and walking.

Optimum Support and breathability

Support &

Wrapping Band upper design supports foot while ensuring breathability thanks to perforated areas. The rubber compound combines sensibility and ware resistance and is suitable for different types of terrain.

RSC Sensor3

Enhanced Foot Comfort

Sensor3 inserts reduce pressure points for a relaxed fit and improved circulation in the feet

RSC Sensor3

RSC for men

RSC for women