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The arctic circle : 24 hours of skiing, surfing, and camping in Norway

Sofia Sjöberg, #werise ambassador, tell us about his trip to Norway. Sports, exchanges and shares with his travel Partner, discover the story of his adventure in circle arctic!


Age : 27 ans

Nationality : Swedish

Sports :

- Skiing

- Surfing

Other passions : Travels

Job : Photographer




It’s 1 am when Jacob, my boyfriend/colleague/adventure partner, comes out of the surf.


You can see from the way he is walking that it is been a long and good session.

He is swinging his arms happily but his feet are cold, it is being snowing on and off all night. Weather is pretty much changing every minute and I can see white puffy clouds in the north and sun in the south.

It is late May and the sun never sets this time of the year, that means you can pretty much surf all day, or ski, or do any activity you take pleasure in.


It’s a long trip getting here. We drove from the middle of Sweden straight north, through the seemingly endless forest with reindeers, foxes, moose and grouse around every corner.

On the Swedish/Norwegian boarder the landscape changed, from the modest mountains in Sweden with rounded peaks to steeper and pointier ones in Norway. The Norwegian mountains are way bigger and in the region we were aiming for they sit next to the Atlantic Ocean, with surf just around the corner.





At 3 am, we finally get to bed after having some dinner, it is already getting lighter outside.


So much daylight messes with your head. It is hard to go to sleep when your senses is telling you the next day is already here, because it is daylight outside even though we are just a few hours past midnight.


When we wake up the ground is white and it is still snowing. All the weather forecasts are telling us it is about to clear and the evening looks very promising.


We are in no rush of getting out of our sleeping bags, the longer we wait the better both the weather and light gets. I think Jacob is pretty happy about that, 6 hours in the water last night requires a bit of rest.

We have time to eat both breakfast and lunch and around 5 pm we start to walk. The plan is to walk to the summit of a nearby mountain, at around 750 vertical meters to the top. We know with some timing and luck the effort of the hike will be worth it.



A bit before 8 pm we reach the summit.

Most of the clouds have cleared and I’m happy for the few remaining ones. Personally I think having light clouds in the horizon makes the best kind of sunsets. The clouds often reflect the sun light, painting the sky in strong yellows and soft purple and back to blue before night sets in.



There is a twenty centimeter layer of white fluffy powder from last night’s snow fall. The conditions are amazing for late May and the best part is that there is no one else around.


ust me, Jacob and a group of reindeers we meet on the way up. Out here, they stroll freely but the bright orange spray paint on their body shows that they belong to someone.


From the summit we can see our camper van, a rebuilt Renault Master from 2000, it is parked just on the edge of the ocean. We shoot a few photos and video clips in the couloirs pointing to our camp spot below.


The snow is excellent and Jacob is screaming in excitement. I guess this is what he truly lives for, transporting his body down the mountains through rough terrain. It still amazes me how quick you can get up a mountain with touring equipment. He skies fast down a few hundred meters only to hike up and do it all again. Not only because we need to do it for but for the pure enjoyment of what nature is offering us.





At 11 pm, the sun dips behind a mountain in the horizon.


The day is about to come to an end. On the way down we stop for a quick selfie.


I take photos to remember my life, I have realized that you tend to forget so much with time.


A photo can help me bring back a whole day in memory. The more photos you take the easier you can bring back memories later in life.


We make our last turns for the day, in soft powder all the way to where we have to take our skis off.

Once again we eat dinner at midnight. In camping chairs outside our campervan, wrapped in our sleeping bags. It gets a bit cold when you get off the mountain in sweaty gear but warm food, dry socks and a sleeping bag do the trick. Tomorrow is a new day, with new weather and adventure, can’t wait for it to start.


Good night!