Summer time with Rossignol

Our winter sport leading athletes now become our summer bike ambassadors!


The brand extended its reach into Mountain Bikes and E-Bikes in order to provide you with new moments of joy and shared happiness in the summer, so that you continue to enjoy Another Best Day all year long.

For Henrik Kristoffersen, Xavier De Le Rue and Martin Fourcade mountain bike is a natural summer extension of their professional winter activities.

Here, the brand’s best ambassadors will show you how they integrate this activity in their global physical preparation.





Henrik Kristoffersen: Gym, dirt bike and enduro MTB


In order to reach the highest summits, Henrik is willing to push himself above and beyond at every training stage. However, spending his entire days dedicated to physical preparation at the gym is not an option for him. Instead, the slalom champion will also ride Mountain Bikes and Motocross. Particularly, he enjoys riding in the steep and technical trails located around his home place in Marikollhallen. Henrik finds there some specificities that he also experiences during alpine ski racing: the choice of trajectories, adrenaline and endurance.

His Bike: The All Track R-Duro is a big mountain enduro with 170mm travel. It enables Henrik to climb to the peak of the mountain and to navigate technical trails downhill. With this bike, Henrik aims for speed and performance to tackle any condition and chase thrills.







Xavier De Le Rue : An outdoor player


Unlike Henrik, Xavier does not train inside at the gym. His goal is to enjoy what his close world offers, from surfing the sea, to snowboarding in great spots, mountain climbing, and of course Mountain Biking   

His MTB: The E-Track FAT is an E-Bike with oversized tires. It is the perfect tool to unable riders to tackle untamed trails and explore rough terrain, where other mountain bikes cannot venture. This is the perfect bike for Xavier.







Martin Fourcade: Fun and recovery outside winter season


Martin has always been riding mountain bikes after winter. The Olympic champion seeks fun and enjoyment with this activity, as well as cardio benefits. E-Bike enables him to chill and discover his mountain environment in a different way, whether it is on his own, with friends or family!

His bike: The E-Track Trail is an E-bike designed for riders who are looking for the most exciting thrills on the mountain. With a 150mm travel, 500W Yamaha engine, the E-Track Trail delivers high performance, stable handling and a comfortable ride for all-day adventure. With this E-Bike, Martin can discover the mountains around his home place and extend his playground to the craggiest slopes.