With the launch of the brand-new Experience skis this season, we wanted to get to know you a little more.

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Try our quiz to see your skier profile.

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According to the quiz, which one are you ?


You can’t wait for the lifts to spin. First chair to last, you’re skiing all day! 
What matters to you: speed, precision and technique.  
You’re a season pass holder who loves to challenge themselves on the most difficult trails. 

Performer:Perfectly groomed trails are waiting for you! 


Are you an adventure seeker?  
Do you spend most of your time skinning and hiking to find the best snow? 
You appreciate being close to nature,  the serenity of the mountains, and surpassing yourself.  
You thirst for freedom and dream of escaping into beautiful landscapes.  
Resort slopes are not really for you, too crowded and not enough adventure. 
You are without a doubt a


Carry your skis upside down? 
Keep dropping your poles? 
Forget to buckle your boots? 
It’s ok! You’re a beginner! Everyone has to start somewhere.   
If you fall when getting off the chairlift, pop back up and dust yourself off! 
If you knock over all the skis in the rack while putting yours in place, smile and take a bow. 
Skiing is fun. Don’t take it too serious.


The reason you came to the ski resort ? 
To party at the trendiest resort bars and nightclubs! 
After staying in bed all morning nursing your hangover, it’s time to get on the slopes for an afternoon of skiing and partying! 
You show off your best moves with a glass in hand on the dancefloor and not so much the slopes. 
You love partying with friends and drinking all night long.  
Partying all day and night, you bring your infectious attitude to the slopes.


Your phone is always within reach to take the most beautiful photos!  
Between catching sunsets and perfect poses, you’re focus is on sharing your journey on social media.
Sharing your friends’ worst fall to create some buzz and followers is part of the game.  

You are a social influencer,so if its not online, did it ever really happen?