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Generally, a snowboard is chosen according to a rider's weight, ability and riding style. A shorter snowboard will be more manageable and easier to maneuver – great for beginners, lighterweight, or more freestyle-oriented riders. A longer snowboard will be faster and more stable – great for heavier, more advanced, or aggressive freeriders.

For more freestyle-oriented performance: size between your shoulder and chin.

For more freeride-oriented performance: size between your chin and nose or above.


Leave no line untracked. Designed in collaboration with big mountain rider Xavier De Le Rue, the XV is full-throttle freeride board designed for riders with a high threshold for speed and power. The super directional shape, large stiff nose and...
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Sizes 159 163 167
Waist (cm) 25.5CM 25.5CM 25.5CM
Stance width min/max (cm) 50 TO 62CM NA NA
Inserts setback (mm) 30MM 30MM 30MM
Radius (m) 8 TO 9.4M NA NA

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Details of Men's All Mountain Snowboard Xv



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Weight 3200 g (163)


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Rocker Camber AMPTEK ELITE
Flex rate FLEX 10/10
Inserts number 6*2
Suggested weight (KG & LBS) 60 TO 95KG / 130 TO 210LBS


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Base density 7500 SINTERED


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Core THC  CBF²

Key features

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Boot size (max) 32CM MAX

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Leave no line untracked. Designed in collaboration with big mountain rider Xavier De Le Rue, the XV is full-throttle freeride board designed for riders with a high threshold for speed and power. The super directional shape, large stiff nose and narrow tapered tail offer effortless float and maneuverability, while our 7M Serrated Edges maintain incomparable edge control for the precision and confidence to plant your front foot and pin it over anything in your path.

Explosive Pop and Stability
AmpTek Elite Rocker maintains explosive pop and edge-gripping stability

Maximum Flotation
Tip Roller base technology delivers effortless steering, stability and float in deep snow

Maximum Edge Hold
7M Serrated Edges enhance edge grip for maximum stability and edge hold in the firmest conditions

Hard-Charging Control
Reverse super directional flex maximizes power and control for aggressive freeriding

Powerful Stability
Our stiffest flex for advanced control and all-conditions freeride power

100% of Rossignol's wood snowboard cores originate from sustainably harvested forests

Why choose the Men's All Mountain Snowboard Xv


Our three patented blends of rocker and camber are each tailored to a specific riding style and intensity level. Featuring stiff extremities and a softer waist, AMPTEK ELITE is composed of 60-100% camber with an applicable percentage of rocker at the extremities, offering explosive edge grip, pop, and stability.


Rossignol snowboard FLEX ratings range from softest (1) to stiffest (10) so you can select the best flex pattern for your skill and riding style. Softer boards are easier to manipulate, stiffer boards offer more power and stability.     


Our original 7M SERRATED EDGE technology offers seven points of edge contact (three between the inserts and two on either side of the inserts), expanding grip to once unreachable areas of the board for maximum stability and edge hold in the firmest, iciest snow conditions.


Offered as walls or built in cores, ABS provides enhanced durability while keeping the core safe from moisture.

ARAMID (A.K.A. Kevlar®)

Commonly used in ballistical rated body armor fabric, Aramid dampens vibrations and softens rough landings


Stronger and lighter than fiberglass and with more elasticity than carbon, basalt fibers enhance power and stability while removing vibrations.


Has greater elongation before break than carbon and comes in multiple weights and weavings, making it our #1 choice for customized flex and torsional resistance. Glass fiber also stabilizes the mechanical properties of our wood cores over time.


A PU material that's integrated into wood cores to reduce weight and deliver increased snap, pop and liveliness.


REVERSE SUPER DIRECTIONAL • Very directional flex • Extremely stiff under the front foot for confident control and maximum power • Stiff waist for stability at high speed • Medium stiff under the rear foot for smoother turns and nimble maneuverability


Triple Hybrid Core (THC) infused with CBF2: 2 types of wood laminated with 3 Microcell beams, combined with 2 strips of basalt delivering in lower weight with increased balance, control and edge grip.


BASE TECHNOLOGY: An industy-first, Rossignol's Roller technology raises the edges of the snow by milling the core of the board. The Tip Roller raises the edges off 1mm of the snow just past the contact points to reduce weight at the tip and tail and direct snow around the board for increased stability at high speed and floatation in powder.

Men's All Mountain Snowboard Xv