Code : "White Label"

The Sashimi and Sushi, both developped with the snowboard legend Xavier De Le Rue, are the best weapons for the powder and the backcountry. And that's not all, their deisgn are inspired by some cultural symbols...


What's the difference between the XV Sashimi LG and the XV Sushi LF and the White Label versions? 


We are introducing a collection of vector products with limited color runs for key channels under code name White Label. They both come from Xavier De Le Rue’s signature quiver and describe as follow:

Circa 1990 in the U.S., the traditional term White Label Promo (often abbreviated as WLP) refers to a promotional record pressing with a label that has mostly the same text and label logo/artwork as the commercial label, but with a white background instead of the color or artwork found on the commercial pressings. They are produced in small quantities and given out to influencers in order to bring traction to the record, artist and label.
Which is exactly what the XV Sushi and XV Sashimi White Label editions are: limited color versions of the original arts for the smaller or independent dealers.










And what about the fish on the XV Sushi LF, where does it come from?


The art concept comes from a traditional Japanese method of printing fishes that dates back to the mid-1800s where fishermen would paint their catches in black and transfer them on paper to be able to record and compare them. The original name of this type of painting is Gyotaku, in Japanese 魚拓, from Gyo "fish" and Taku "stone impression". This form of nature printing has now become an art form of its own.