Helmets Women's Helmet Allspeed Visor Impacts W

Carve away the day with premium visibility and impact coverage. The women's Allspeed Visor IMPACTS ski helmet provides seamless helmet and goggle integration, offering a wide field of vision and complete protection from the elements. It features...
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A good-fitting helmet shouldn't compress your head, but should remain well positioned when/if your head is shaken.

You can use a tape string or our Head Sizer to measure the circumference of your head, passing over your ears and staying 2,5 cm above your eyebrows.

Many of our helmets have a knob to adjust and fine-tune the fit for additional comfort and safety. Ideally, with the helmet on, you should be able to twist the helmet forward and back and see your eyebrows moving along with it. If the helmet slides forward or back too easily and/or without eyebrow movement, it's not providing the ideal fit.



54   XS 49-52 cm
56   S/M 52-55 cm S/M 52-55 cm
58 M 54-56 cm M/L 54-58 cm M/L 55-59 cm  
60 L 56-58 cm
61+ XL 58-60 cm L/XL 59-63 cm L/XL 59-63 cm
  XXL 60-62 cm  

Details of Women's Helmet Allspeed Visor Impacts W


Carve away the day with premium visibility and impact coverage. The women's Allspeed Visor IMPACTS ski helmet provides seamless helmet and goggle integration, offering a wide field of vision and complete protection from the elements. It features our IMPACTS technology with a hardshell and EPP multi-impact foam combination for enhanced all-around durability with no compromise to fit, weight or style. The integrated visor features a full tint for sunny conditions. The Dial R-Fit adjustment system lets you fine tune the fit on the fly, while adjustable vents let you regulate your temperature based on the conditions.

Durable Protection
EPP Multi-Impact technology features expanded polypropylene that increases durability over the course of regular day-to-day use that helps the helmet retain protective shock absorption properties longer

Integrated and Interchangeable Visor
An integrated visor provides seamless integration of helmet and eye protection for uncompromised vision. Eyeglass friendly

Precise Fit, Low-Profile Design
Our in-mold construction creates offers a precise fit and a low-volume design

Glove-Friendly Buckle
Fidlock® ultra-fast magnetic closure system for easy fastening and unfastening of your helmet buckle with or without gloves

Adjustable Fit
The Dial R-Fit system allows for more fit adjustability and is designed to maximize helmet comfort, support and protection



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SKU RKIH401 000
Weight 680g


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Technology IMPACTS
Certification CE EN1077


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Construction ABS
Material EPP
Finish MATT


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Adjustable size R-FIT SYSTEM
Ventilation ADJUSTABLE
Removable & washable padding REMOVABLE & WASHABLE
Padding materials FUR & MESH
Ear pads 3D EARPADS


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Visor helmet YES
Visor sun lens category S3 - SUN

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Why choose the Women's Helmet Allspeed Visor Impacts W


Ние от Rossignol разработихме нова система, която ви предпазва за по-дълго време. Дори и леките удари,които не оставят видими следи, могат да се отразят на здравината на каската Ви. Новата IMPACTS технология предоставя защита от най-висок клас срещу многократни удари, без компромис в теглото, визията или комфорта. IMPACTS Предпазва ви за по-дълго.


ADJUSTABLE VENTILATION enables airflow to be increased or decreased through adjustable vents for increased comfort and temperature control.


EARPADS 2.0 are innovative earpads improving sound perception on the slopes. Thanks to an extra thin microperforated foam, that lets the sound through but not the cold, you could stay aware of your environnment for a safer ride.


R-fit системата Ви позволява да регулирате каската за повече опора, комфорт и безопастност. Съставена от две части и регулиращ диск, простотата на системата Ви позволява да настройвате каската си независимо от ситуацията.


Външната ABS обвивка(около 3мм дебела) и вътрешна абсорбираща пяна (PSE) са изляти отделно и след това сглобени. Това позволява на външната част да е по-издържлива на удари и в нея да се интегрират въздушни отвори.


Идеята VISOR на Rossignol предоставя решение за каска и очила в едно в аеродинамичен и олекотен дизайн, за повишени комфорт, видимост и защита. Сменящите се плаки позволяват да се приспособим към всички условия.

Women's Helmet Allspeed Visor Impacts W