We Rise – Rossignol Women

WE RISE: a community by women, for women


It’s our goal to encourage all women, whatever their age, skill level, or background, to get outdoors and into the mountains. To feel the exhilaration of sliding on snow no matter the application. To create a positive and inspiring community where women across the globe can interact, offer advice and share ideas. A gathering place for women everywhere, and We Rise is our rallying call.





Over the course of our 110-year-plus history, our position as a global market leader has created a rich legacy of supporting women in their pursuit of mountain adventure and accomplishment.

A legacy of champions. A legacy of innovation. A legacy that permeates every category and skill-set, from world-cup podiums to local ski hills around the world. A legacy of providing award-winning products, inspired by women, designed by women; to deliver Another Best Day, every day.

Across every facet of our brand, from competition and innovation to marketing and design, the women driving the brand forward today are involved at every stage; and each plays an integral role in shaping our brand identity.



With the introduction of We Rise, this legacy is poised to grow. Through our celebration of Rossignol’s strong community of women, our commitment to developing dedicated women’s products, and our drive to create opportunities for women to come together and share their passion for the mountains, we will inspire, motivate, and support the women’s community today, and in doing so, lift the next generation. Together We Rise to Another Best Day.




The demands for gender equality and more female participation in sport have reached a fever pitch across the globe. A wave of positivity and a movement perfectly aligned with Rossignol and our vision of Another Best Day, every day, for every participant.




In order to progress in this area and add our voice to the collective, we’ve spent considerable time out in the field interacting and engaging with women around the world. Women just like you. From the U.S. to Canada to Austria, Germany, France and more, for two years our team has travelled, listened, gathered, and analyzed your feedback. Led by Marion Bonnard, Women’s Category Manager, and Marjie McKone, Marketing Director in the U.S.


These workshops and discussions became the catalyst, and from this, WE RISE was born.




WE RISE is a call-to-action

WE RISE is a community


We are skiers, riders, and athletes

We are women, sisters, and friends

We are creative, passionate, and dedicated

We are adventurous and bold


We Rise to unite and inspire,

To empower and support,

To collaborate and share,

To lift the next generation,

To seek balance in everything we do,


WE RISE to Greatness

WE RISE to the Challenge

WE RISE Together