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padel rossignol technologies

extended padel rossignol We have a patent on our Extended Sweet Point technology based on a foam perimeter protection that provides physical precision at the point where the foam stops and the structural frame begins. This allows us to push the foam much further than other manufacturers and repeat this operation with 100% accuracy from one racquet to another during mass produc tion. This also guarantees the best possible rebound across the entire hitting surface of the racquet, making our racquets easy, powerful,and precise at all levels and all situations in the game.
Rossignol padel technologies The Rossignol Touch develops a special touch on the hitting surface that builds the Rossignol's Fit Concept technology. This special touch depends of course of the construction of the entire racquet, but  the final performance-enhancing Rossignol Touch is obtained with a mix of different types of materials we use in our skins. This combination of materials allows us to control the final touch and time the ball stays in contact with the racquet to offer a superior feel to any level of player. Then of course there is the sound of the ball as it hits your racquet an essential part of the game. Like our head engineer says, closing the door of aluxury car is not the same as closing the door of an economy car; one maximizes enjoyment trust and all the fun!
power frame Rossignol technologies The Double Power Frame is another patent used in Rossignol padel racquet design that guarantees the best and easiest possible power transmission from the grip to the racquet's hitting surface. The Double Power Frame also makes our racquets more durable and consistent during the manufacturing process to ensure that you enjoy playing as long as possible.
long life Rossignol technologies We apply one of our patented ski technologies to the surface of our padel racquets. For the mountains and on snow, we design our products with extremely durable materials and technologies. At the Artes Factory, with the consumer benefit always in mind, we have been able to use the same materials for padel racquets. Applying this technology translates to long-lasting graphies as well as incredible durability for your Rossignol padel racquet.
vas Rossignol padel technologies The Rossignol Vibration Absorption System VAS, is widely known throughout our line of skis. lt just so happens that for padel racquets like on skis, it is important to dampen vibrations as much as possible for optimal feel and performance during play to enjoy  the game from start  to finish. Nevertheless for padel racquets there is aIso a health component that we take very seriously to keep your wrist, elbow shoulder and entire arm in good shape over the long run by limiting vibrations as much as possible.