We Rise – Rossignol Women

Mini Finland Trophy, Edition 1 - episode 2

The Finland trophy is a sporting event for women, which attracts more than 500 participants to the North of Finland every year. In the same vein, the first edition of the Mini Finland Trophy, an event staged in partnership with Rossignol and the Finland Trophy, was held between 19th and 21st March in the Alps. The idea? To organise a 100% female adventure race involving various sports: cross-country skiing, running & biking and a SNOOC descent (luge).

We went to meet two Rossignol employees who had the chance to take part in this event: Aurélie Zucco (left), Business Unit Manager Technical Equipment, and Nina Clauzier (right), Graphic Designer for ski decor and communication. Read their story!




« We thought that taking on a women’s only challenge would be really fantastic. »


As sports lovers, it was mainly the idea of a sporting challenge for women that made them want to take part in this project. They were also proud to have had the opportunity to test the new products developed by their colleagues throughout the year, including made in Rossignol compression garments, and to actually feel the benefit of these technical fabrics by using them in an appropriate environment.  


« We lost our inhibitions! »


In terms of sport, they loved being in teams and among women. As they have already explained, this enabled them to be more natural, spontaneous and uninhibited. Over the course of this two-day challenge, they gave everything, above all for their partner. The final standings were not what mattered most to them. There was genuinely a great sense of rivalry, but there was real team spirit and everyone encouraged each other.


« A proper break from everyday life »



They also enjoyed the friendly post-sport social events, including on the evening of the second day when all the participants enjoyed a “girls’ night out”. Getting together in a small chalet in the middle of nowhere, a cosy, special and magical place, they were specifically able to discuss the event with the organisers. An enjoyable break from their everyday lives where they rediscovered the human values that they love to share.


« Sport: a common denominator »


The advantage of this event was the wide range of people from different backgrounds who were brought together by sport. They also highlighted, for us, the fact that it is this shared passion that really united them and that, ultimately, it was more two days of cohesion and sharing than sporting achievements, in the true sense of the word. The common denominator that is sport gave them amazing energy, which helped make these two women’s only days a resounding success.


When asked if they are proud to have defended the Rossignol colours during this event, they both enthusiastically said “yes”, but, all the same, they viewed their legitimacy in taking part in this challenge more as sports lovers than winners among the employees who had applied.


« We are thrilled to have been able to take part in this event organised by our company, to have had the opportunity to test the innovative products developed by our work colleagues and to have shared two days of sporting challenges for women. »






This first edition of the Mini Finland Trophy was a success on both a sporting and professional level. Two days of women’s only challenges, which allowed our community to bond around the values we hold dear: authenticity, sharing and discovery.


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