Inside the Rad Bandits - Episode 3

Rossignol Factory Team: Follow team during the second half of the season

Racing EWS, it’s a lot of training, a lot of sacrifice and preparation. Like any other competition, there’s ups and down, and it never gets easy. But this is why racing is so unique, and why we like it. Follow Estelle and Clement Charles during the 2nd half of the enduro world series. Let’s have a close look to a few races of the season.


Loudenvielle in the Pyrénées was a double race.  It was a place with trails already known by the team. On the performance side, both riders struggled with sickness, and had difficulties breathing on physical stages. They manage to get good results anyway between storms and mud.

Estelle Charles - Race #5 result: P7, Race #6 result: P7, Pro stage: P3Estelle Charles - Race #5 result: P7, Race #6 result: P7, Pro stage: P3

"Very happy with these two new tops 10. I am now 8th overall. The sensations are good. Very good stages, but difficult to be at my best level with a good cold. My throat was burning, the stages were physical! But what a pleasure to see an EWS edition with so many people and spectators behind the tape! The French public is incredible as always!"

Clement Charles - Race #5 result: P31, Race #6 result: P28Clement Charles - Race #5 result: P31, Race #6 result: P28

" Happy with myself on the first race because health wasn't at its best and I didn't expect to be here. The top 20 is not far, but 2 good mistakes in the first stage make me go back quickly with all these very close times.  On the 2nd race I managed 2x top 20 in the technical stage and very few mistakes. Really happy because I was still far from being at 100% physically on this type of stage. I am still 23rd overall, that's great!"


The Race 7 was in Switzerland at Crans Montana. It is a very technical and fast track, with a lot of bike parc sections. Riders have their new “black zebra” prototypes and it is working very well in this kind of terrain. 

Estelle Charles - Race #7 result: P5, Pro stage: P3Estelle Charles - Race #7 result: P5, Pro stage: P3

"Technical trails like I like. Good DH sections with jumps, to push my limits a bit more! 3rd of the Pro Stage with a crash that surely cost me the win. I fought for the podium all weekend! I finished 5th, in contact with the 3rd place. The podium will be for another time ;)"

Clement Charles - Race #7 result: P40Clement Charles - Race #7 result: P40

"1 mistake that cost me a lot. I go out of the track in the tape and my foot is wrapped in a rope. More than 20 seconds and a top 30 lost... Too bad! P40 for this stage in Switzerland".


The 8th round was in Finale Ligure – home of the EWS. This small Italian place is a paradise next to the sea. But will this paradise turn into hell? With more than 2000m of elevation and 55km, it was the most physical race of the season.

Estelle Charles - Race #8 result: P12Estelle Charles - Race #8 result: P12

"Good to be back in Finale Ligure! A great place, great stages, a lot of fun during the trainings. About the race, I made a big mistake by starting at the usual liaison pace. The transition times were more tight than usual. I arrived on time, but I lost a lot of energy. I paid for it all day. So I'm really disappointed with myself because I felt really fast during the trainings. I limit damages and I'm still 6th overall so it's a good point!"

Clement Charles - Race #8 result: P27Clement Charles - Race #8 result: P27

"Consistent all weekend, unfortunately a mechanical problem made me lose time in the longest stage. I'm happy with myself, because I finish the day with a top 20 and a top 15."

Rossignol bikeRossignol bike

The season is not over, discover the final Race in Tweed Valley with the team on our next blog spot!


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