The first EWS Race for the Rossignol Factory Team

Welcome in Val Di Fassa, Italy, home of the dolomites for the first EWS stage of the season!

Surrounded by breath taking landscapes, it is an amazing venue for enduro riding. Trails are alpine, long, and physical which makes it unique. This year was a double race, with 4 stages each and 1 pro stage. The journey combines 2390m of elevation and 32km of total length. The Rossignol Factory Team made their first appearance with the French riders Estelle and Clément Charles.

Wednesday 06/23 - Race #1 :

The season is ON. The wait for the first EWS was long and riders are hungry to go against the clock. The weather is sunny, and trails are dusty – perfect conditions.

Estelle CHARLES had a good start with a 6th place overall after stage 2. Things got harder on the physical parts of stage 3 & 4 where she lost the pace and some precious time. She’s ending up at the 17th place – Total time 33min35 (+1min52 behind the leader).

Clément CHARLES made a great consistent race among the best riders of the circuit. A few mistakes on stage 2 made him loose time where positions were tight. Great pace on stage 4 with a P27 which raised him to the 33th place – Total time 28min35 (+1min27 behind the leader).

Friday 06/25 – Pro Stage :

A unique and new format of the EWS – the pro stage is a short and fast stage in the evening ahead of the rest of the stages the following day. Top 5 men & women gains extra points.

Rain & storm came down in the middle of the race penalizing most half of the riders with wet conditions, mixed with very dusty sections.

Estelle CHARLES managed an amazing run in the front of all the big contenders who rode in the rain. Great 8th place, behind all the girls who rode in drier conditions.

Clément CHARLES had very hard conditions in the wet but thanks to his mud tires changed just before the race he kept a good flow for a P30.

SATURDAY 06/26 – Race #2

After a wet Friday night, sun was out for the second EWS round. Upper part dried quickly while few portions of the tracks stayed slippery (especially on roots sections).

Estelle CHARLES : Great come back from Estelle with a 2nd place on stage 2 and a 3rd overall after stage 3. Stage 4 was as hard and physical where Estelle lost the pace and some precious time. It was tight! She finished 7th overall and we are very proud of her progression.

Clément CHARLES : Men’s competition was tighter than ever. Despite a small crash on stage 3 he managed a P39. We are more than happy about his regularity.

Awesome job from the team in Canazei. We can’t wait to ride our bikes more and we are more than ready for the next round. See ya in La Thuile ITALY on the 8th and the 11th of July. Stay tuned!