Sous-vêtements techniques femme

Sous-vêtements techniques femme

Découvrez nos vêtements techniques pour vos entraînements ainsi que notre collection de couches intermédiaires et sous-vêtements pour femmes à mettre sous vos vêtements de ski en première ou seconde couche pour un maintien de la chaleur optimal.

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Breathability and moisture transfer are the key benefits that a women's first layer or technical undergarment must provide. For this, discover our range of short-sleeved T-shirts and our tights. The technical underwear for women is an essential element in the practice of skiing and more generally for all winter sports in the mountains. They must be worn on the skin. These first layers provide an indispensable heat when it is cold, but at the same time they allow to evacuate the humidity efficiently and allow thanks to this innovative technology to keep the female body and the body warm and dry.le>