We Rise – Rossignol Women

Agathe Janni, ambassador and season sportswoman

Agathe has been supported by the Rossignol brand for 5 years now. Allrounder sporty and entrepreneur, Agathe Janni is always looking towards the future with her positive mindset. She is also a versatile and insatiable skier.

Agathe JANNI

Age : 29 years old

Nationnality : French

Discipline : Ski freeride

Career :

- Ski racing

- Ski freestyle

- Ski freeride (FWQ)

- Manager of the "Poule Wake Park"

Home Spot : Courchevel



« I have always been an entrepreneur »



We’re talking about a woman who describes herself as an “ordinary woman”… But as soon as you get to know her you realize how experienced she is after many years of multiple experiences and ski projects since her earliest years.

At now 30 years old, Agathe is managing her own Wake Park business during the summer (“Poule Wake Park” located 10 min from Albertville), and is a ski instructor when the winter comes along. She is 300% dedicated to anything she does.


After a traditional ski racing career until the age of 14, she got injured in 2004 and decided to find another path to continue her career. She first discovered an unknown discipline of the young women skiers: freestyle skiing. Then she turned to freeride skiing. She was looking for new challenges and she run into several Qualifiers starts (circuit that serves as a springboard to the Freeride World Tour, the grail for freeriders). She learnt most of her skiing skills during those top-level competitions.


« A good skier is someone who is able to go beyond his achievements »


@Julian Ripoll


Nowadays, Agathe shares all of her tremendous skills in Courchevel as a ski instructor. Her goal is to push her customers beyond their comfort zone and to hand over all the experience she gathered over the years.


« I feel inspired every day by other people, whoever they are »


According to Agathe, being a woman is challenging when it comes to standing out from the group. “We have more drag when we are a woman”. That being said, she has always carried the same willpower in all of her adventures.




She has a long history with the Rossignol brand… “my first skis in every discipline I did have always been Rossignol skis. This partnership turns to be an opportunity to meet people I’ve been following for years”. Last year she was thrilled to be introduced to Tatum Monod (e.g. Canadian freerider and Rossignol athlete), and to join movies projects such as the film NAKED. She did this short skiing and adventure movie with 3 girlfriends…. Whose stories can be find here.