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Safety and Avalanche

Riders in this news :  Xavier DE LE RUE


"It's been a close call, as close as it could pretty much get and a great example for all riders to remind what the other side of the coin can look like.
There are times when having the best gear (beacon transceiver, probes, shovel, mountain guide, ABS backpack...) and the best technique doesn't help much anymore.
Good to keep that in mind for future sessions".

Xavier de Le Rue

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Marco CONCIN snowpark session !

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Marco CONCIN explains us his last snowpark session in Senales:

"The snowpark of Senales is super fun now, it snowed about 1 - 1,5 m and they have a easy, medium and pro line. The park is shapped every single day and is open from 9 to 16. Ten days ago, we had a lot of fun with  Eero Ettala, Andreas Wiig, Filippo Kratter, Markus Keller and many more. They were super stoked too. After my crash last year I'am still a bit afraid to jump on big jumps but its getting better and better..."


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Yippa !

Destination: 1 week at Innsbruck to visit the guys at Method Mag.

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I took the train to get there and got snobbed by a lesbian Austrian girl…too long to explain.
Food: frozen pizza the whole week.
Day : It rains all day, it’s boring in IBK when it rains…
Day 2: Skateboard, allright austrian speaks a strange language BUT they know outto built a skatepark and that makes it up. ) Wouaaaaah!! Almost got an earth attack because it is so perfect to skate!
Evening : I’m in love…with the soccer game in the men restroom.
Day 4: Blue bird in Hintertux, first real session with Fred Egli (Photo Editor) and Alexis de Tarade ( web), we found small spots worth to be shot but we kept on tracking the powder as we are planning to come back the next day;
Day 5: We’re back... With Fred Egli and Thomaz ( Editor in chief), and we have a mission, coming back with at least a pic of the week for Method’s website. Mission accomplished, 1st try and Fred is so glad about the pic. I would like to show it to you but Fred would kill me…sorry!
Back to the flat, I’m trying to cook carbonara, only I have no bacon and only yogurt instead of fresh cream…that will do.
Day 6: Bowling battle is on between Method guy and TTR crew, Method won big time, I’ve tried my best but wasn’t really helpful.
Back to France: Finally in Geneva after 10 hours travel instead of 6, I missed my first train in Innsbruck, then a second one in Zurich and I got kicked off a wagon booked exclusively for women…

Trips are funny but hopefully we’ll be able to teleport ourselves any time soon.

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Alex Evequoz won the Kastle Battle in Sion

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Our swiss freestyler is in love with steel and he gave a lot to eat to his Retox during the week end of the Kastle Battle.

check out the video report wirth the link below.

Here are the qualif:
and here the finals:
More infos on:

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