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The relay in silver!

Riders in this news :  Martin FOURCADE

Jean-Guillaume Béatrix and Martin Fourcade from Team Rossignol with Simon Fourcade and Alexis Boeuf win the silver medal of the relay in the Worldchampionships. Norway finishes 1st, Germany 3rd.

Jean-Guillaume Béatrix: "We were often in the lead but one thing changed the entire race, the last shooting of Martin. It's hard to resume the race like that. Martin was in dual with Emil Svendsen and he looses. In Antholz, it was differently. That is the biathlon, the days are never the same. But I'm happy, it's my first Worldchampionships, my first medal!

Martin Fourcade: "I'm happy to win this medal but I'm also sad because I was in position to win the gold medal. I won the last times, today, I loose. I have still races but I'm disappointed for the team."

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Marie-Brunet, silver medal of the World Championships!

Riders in this news :  Marie DORIN-HABERT  ; Marie-Laure BRUNET

In Ruhpolding, during the 15km individual, Marie-Laure Brunet (Rossignol) finishes second! With 19/20 on the shooting, the French biathlete ends behin Tora Berger and ahead Helena Ekholm. This season, Marie-Laure signed only one podium in Nove Mesto (3e) due to a bad shape. But today, she shows that she finds de nouveau her ski and her shooting.

"This medal has a very good taste. It replaces all the best I eat! During the last shoot, I didn't ask me questions. I should be concentrate until the end of the race. I thought I could make 20/20 but unfortunately I missed the last ball. That's the game! I'm satisfied of these World Championships. I up my level. There are still two races and I wanting to succeed. But each day, I should all reset. It will be the key of success!"

Unfortunately, Marie Dorin-Habert, also member of Team Rossignol, ends 4th. Here is her reaction after the race: "I try to stay with the group. It was a long race, a fight with myself, it was hard. With the two last shootings, I came back in the race. I gave all I had in the last part but for only three second, I'm not on the podium. I'm a little disappointed but I don't worried about that, it was really a nice race!"

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Fourcade : "I'm fall into the trap"

Riders in this news :  Martin FOURCADE

With five mistakes, Martin Fourcade ends only 25th of the individual ranking this Tuesday. He explains the reason of this underachievement. The best representative of Team Rossignol is Michal Slesingr who finish 6th with only one fault to the shoot.

I'm disappointed to have made a race which not represents my level. It was a long time I finish so far in the ranking. I’m fall into the trap of this individual race. I should be stronger for the mass start but nothing is finished. I want to keep my yellow bib. I skied well but the shoot was very bad, I don't know why. I'm very happy of my World Championships but I'm just angry to loose points for the overall ranking.

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Cross-Country, Lahti : Peterson 2nd, Kriukov 3rd

Riders in this news :  Nikita KRIUKOV


Emil Joensson wins the sprint of Lahti before his teammate Teodor Peterson (Rossignol). The Swede is before another member of the Team Nikita Kriukov (3rd). Peterson has almost won the globe of the sprint before the end of the season. The next sprint will take place on Wednesday in Drammen in Norway.

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Biathlon / Ruhpolding: The doubled for Martin Fourcade, 2nd medal for Bergman!

Riders in this news :  Martin FOURCADE

The sprint of Saturday had announced the colour with Martin Fourcade, World Champion and Carl Johan Bergman with his bronze medal. The pursuit of this Sunday confirmed the good shape of Team Rossignol at the beginning of World championships. Martin Fourcade keeps his title won last year in Khanty-Mansiyk and wins his third gold medal in his career. Nevertheless the French biathlete didn’t make its best race but offered him a nice battle with Carl Johan Bergman. It is the first time that a French man makes the doubled sprint / pursuit.

Martin Fourcadehas still marked points in the race for the big globe with Emil Svendsen, only 5th today. He counts 47 points beforehand on the Norwegian whereas it remains five races this season.

Next appointment for the men will be on Tuesday with the 20km individual.

Summary in video (Eurosport)

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